Wordless Wednesday - 25 Years

25 Years.

300 weeks.

9125 Days.

219000 Hours.

My parents have stood the test of time, and in an age when couples dispense of their wedding vows without a care, or a fight; my parents have stayed together and beaten the odds.  I won't get into their complete story, maybe one day if my mother lets me tell it, but they got married amidst controversy and a lot of people thinking they wouldn't make it.  They stood at the altar knowing that people expected them to fail, but all that mattered on that day for the two of them was how much they loved one another and building a life together was all they really wanted. 

They were going to celebrate this year with a party but unfortunately they were unable to do so; however my sister and I thought it would be a shame to not commemorate somehow this milestone.  So we held a very small dinner party for them at my house, with just our immediate family, and it was the nicest evening.  My mother knew we were having the party but it was a complete surprise for my father, which was double the fun, since he's the hardest person to surprise, I swear he has a sixth sense and always knows when something is happening.  I don't have that many photos since my mom hasn't sent me the ones from her camera yet (yup mommy I know you're reading this, where are my photos! hehe), but here are some of the décor.  I did a centerpiece of white and peach flowers as a nod to my mom's original wedding colour scheme, and my sister bought the banner at Party City.

I grew up with such an understanding of how much in love my parents were, as they were never afraid to show affection and emotion in front of their children. When I was younger I may have been grossed out to see my dad pinch my mom's rear end, or walk into a room and see them in a loving embrace; but as an adult I now appreciate it.  So many couples stop being couples after children are added to mix, and my parents always included us in everything they did, but they were still an item throughout it all, and we never not knew that. 

Their adorable grandchildren would only sit for a few seconds so this is the least blurry pick I had in the bunch.

Here they are, looking just, if not more in love than they did on their wedding day!

I only hope that one day Gianni and I can celebrate our 25th anniversary, and that our children will feel the same about how we love each other.  Here's to another 25 you crazy love birds!



Lucas is 13 Months

I had debated whether I was going to continue doing these updates after Lucas turned a year old, but then I realized I want to document as much about his life as I can, even if its just little snippets every month as a reminder of what new things he's accomplished, and to look back one day and read about it.   Obviously I'm a little behind, since it sometimes takes me a while to make a decision lol.  Lucas turned 13 months last Monday!, but here are some of his details.

Sleep: He is officially down to one nap!  I really struggled and hesitated with this decision, but he started fussing a lot at his morning nap, and then if he did fall asleep it would be for an hour maybe an hour and half, and then he would refuse his afternoon nap, and in turn would be a cranky mess in the evening.  So after speaking to my sister about things she did when my niece dropped her morning naps, we kept Lucas occupied and busy as much as we could, and would out him down at 12 and increased this every 15 minutes every few days until he was going down for his nap at 1.  It was dicey there for a while, and in the beginning I was home bound a lot in fear that he would fall asleep in the car and mess up the routine.  But after two weeks he goes down for his nap and 1 and sleeps for at least two hours, sometimes three!  In the beginning when he started sleeping better naps I didn't even know what to do with such a big time to myself, now I love it hehe.  His bedtime is still at 8, although, if he does have a longer nap, its a little easier to stretch half an hour without him fussing.  He sleeps until 6:30-7, until recently since he's teething but that's a whole other issue.

Eat: Lucas continues to not be a picky eater although he knows what he likes, and know how to ask for it.  Namely as long as he has meat at dinner he's a happy camper!  He tried peanut butter for this time this month, just a small dabble on his afternoon banana, and not only did he like it, thankfully no allergic reactions.  With his new schedule lunch is kind of a hit and miss, but he has such big and healthy breakfasts and dinners that I don't worry too much.  He still loves his milk, and is drinking 3 8oz bottles a day no problem.  I have slowly introduced him to his own spoon and fork to foster more self feeding, but he still prefers his fingers.

Skills: Lucas is officially a runner, which means by nap time I am one tired mama myself.  His new speeds are fast or faster, but I must admit that I love watching him run around as his cute little legs flap up and down, and his arms sway all around him in excitement.  Lucas added stairs, lights, woof woof, all done, love you, beijinho (kisses in Portuguese) to his vocabulary this month as well.  His understanding of words though is amazing, he gets it when we tell him to pick something up and bring it to us, he knows what to do when we tell him to come with us, or to head to a certain room in the house. 
He loves to sort and fill bins right now, I usually take this time to point out shapes, new words and colours when we are doing these sort of activities, hopefully next month there will be new words added to his vocabulary because of this.  He still loves books, but now he will pick a book out and bring it to us to be read, or shut a book closed if he doesn't not want that particular book, he definitely has a mind of his own. 

Personality: Wow I don't even know where to start with this one.  He is so playful, and is really understanding the concept of eliciting laughs from us which he loves to do.  He adores music, and now he dances for you, as if feeding off the audience.  He is still my little social butterfly, and excels in situations with other children, and other people in general.  He cannot walk pass someone without smiling and waving hello to them, and it warms my heart to see how it makes people smile to see him so happy.  He definitely has a temper, but that was to be expected with his heritage, and boy will he stomp his feet, and grunt when he isn't getting his way; he will go from zero to ten in the blink of an eye!  He is more cuddly this month, and often will run to me and just lay against my chest for snuggles, which of course is something I cherish and treasure, who knows how long that's going to last. 

Here are some of my favourite photos from the past month.

Overall everyday is quite the adventure with this little guy, and its amazing how much he changes on a daily basis.



Five on Friday

Linking up as usual with Darci over at The Good Blog for a Five on Friday recap of the week.


I love anything British, it was my main focus of study for my undergraduate degree and senior thesis, and its on my bucket list to make a trip there one day.  Included in that love is the royal family, yes its antiquated, and there have no bearing on the government anymore, but their symbolism is far more impactful on the social entity of the British people.  I can't lie, I'm a sucker for anything royal, and the couple of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, is no exception.  I love their contemporary outlook on royal duties, and the fact that they are of my generation makes them that more fascinating.  This week they christened their adorable bundle of joy, and it made me think back to Lucas' own christening, an intimate affair with only our families, and very close friends; and I loved that this couple so much in the public spectrum chose to make this rite of passage intimate and sacred as well. 

Obviously they didn't stray from tradition with the baby's attire and amount of godparents, but the child is the future king of England!  I eschewed the tradition of a baptismal gown, and dressed Lucas is an all white silk suit, and had the traditional two godparents, and we spared no expense in portraits and the party, because he's my little prince after all

Lucas has been teething his molars this week, and to say its been brutal is putting it lightly.  I don't think he's ever had it this bad.  He's crankier during the day, sometimes I am at my wits end finding ways and things that will make him happy or soothe his poor gums.  I have tried camellia, teething necklace, biscuits, hard cold vegetables, and sometimes freezes and straight ice.  When all else fails, I have given him a little advil to soothe the inflammation, and help him rest better during the day.  He sleeps through the night, although he tosses and turns more than usual, and he's been waking up at the crack of dawn, so the days have been long around here, and I may be driving myself to lunacy, or at least to a mild drinking habit.   Hopefully when the second molar finally cuts through we will see some improvement.

I am on a serious book kick this week, I already finished my current read, and am already finished the second book I started!  I have been trying to take some time for myself while Lucas naps this week since he's been so miserable when he's awake, I need a little pick me up and recharge (and a glass of wine in the middle of day is probably not a good idea, totally necessary, but not advisable).  I found this Divergent series by Veronica Roth over the summer when the first two books were on sale at Costco, and loved them more than I thought I would.  I had no idea that the third book came out this week, so I will be grabbing that sometime this weekend.  I can't wait!

I have written poetry for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes those poems have been songs, or sometimes just a few lines of artistic writing to convey a moment in time, or a feeling about an event.  My father writes poetry as well (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree), and he's been really serious about his writing lately, so it got me excited and inspired to re-read some of my poems, and write more.  I wrote a lot sporadically this first year of motherhood, and I am contemplating reworking and compiling all of it in one journal, then figuring out what I'm going to do with it.  I'm not sure if I have the guts to submit it anywhere, since I've always been pretty self conscious of my writing.
We have absolutely no plans this weekend, and I love it.  As long as I get to spend it with this two stud muffins, I'm pretty sure its bound to be a good time.

Hope everyone is enjoying the crispier weather, and has a great weekend.



Little Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Pajama Party!

Today I'm linking up with the lovely ladies Darci, and Meredith  for a virtual pajama party!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not really a Halloween person. I'm not into dressing up and it's my least favourite holiday of all. I only really started getting more into it when my little sister was born and I started the tradition of always taking her trick and treating, one that Gianni joined me in the moment we started dating.  I thought I would get more into it after Lucas was born but I think until he starts actually understanding the holiday it's still going to be a low key affair in this household. Therefore I haven't really decorated for Halloween and Lucas' holiday attire is on the more subdued side (wait until Christmas, then I might go just a little overboard!)

His first pajama is the skeleton one from the Gap, that I know a lot of you ladies have purchased for your minis. This was a gift from his nonna and i must say he looks too adorable for words in them. I'm actually thinking of using them for his day costume to his play group next week since it's nice and light (the building where his play group meets is super warm, and his costume this year is one of those insulated ones perfect for outdoor trick and treating). As you can see by this picture he was not amused by his mama deciding to undress him and dress him all over again for these photos!

The second one is actually not a pajama per say, from Carters, but I feel the pants are a little too thin for the sudden cold weather that we have been having, and I think they are way cuter for night wear. This face just slays me every time. His personality has been just too cute to handle lately!

The pants have this adorable Frankenstein face on the tush that Lucas couldn't stand still for the two seconds it would take me to photograph so I grabbed this one while he was sleeping in his favourite butt in the air position.

Looking forward to seeing all the other cute little ones in their festive pajama wear!
Happy Halloween everyone!



Good Mother, Bad Wife

Lately I feel like I haven't been making the time or the effort for the hubby and in turn for my marriage,  and I'm feeling pretty rotten about it.   Our relationship is rock solid, I don't want that to be misconstrued, the core of our marriage is never unwavering in my mind,and perhaps that's why we can go through moments like these and always come out unblemished. The issue is spending time with one another, or the fact that my energy during the day playing, teaching,and caring for our child; coupled with dealing with all other domestic responsibilities has me spent by the end of the day.

I feel sometimes like I'm spreading myself a little too thin, and something has to suffer in the long run.  So patience goes lacking.  Time to recharge doesn't exist unless a 15 minute hot shower counts.  Time to think about going the extra mile just isn't there. 

So when the hubby gets home and is his usual boisterous joking self, I don't have time to indulge him, or I start an argument for the silliest things because today was a long day with an energetic child who is teething on top of all things, and I'm not going to lose my cool on my baby, so the other love in my life gets the brunt of it.  Usually I let this kind of dilemma roll off of me cause the reality is that 90% of my day is spent being a mom, and I'm kind of rocking that part right now.  I'm excelling at juggling play dates, crafts, and overall raising my child.  I'm at home, but its work; and I sneer at anyone who will try to say otherwise.

Result.  I feel like a big fail in the wife department.  

What makes me feel even more guilt ridden is how understanding Gianni is.  He is the one who will send me away to take a break and have an extra long shower, he always encourages me to nap and leave the laundry for another day when he can be around to help, and lord knows how many times I pre prepare dinner only to have him cook it when he gets home.  Yup, I'm a lucky lady.

Like most wives and moms I feel we struggle to fulfill our expectations everyday, but I often find those expectations are unrealistic ones we put on ourselves, and forget that we are only human, its ok that we can't do it all.  Life changes when you have kids, and you no longer have that freedom to just go on a random date night to recharge your batteries, or to indulge in a day in bed.  Most of the time we find moments to steal for just the two of us, a late dinner without a child asking for our attention, snuggles on the couch while the little guy is sleeping, cooking dinner together talking about our day.  I'm lucky that even though I feel like a fail lately, the man I am so neglecting doesn't think so, and is often the voice of reason to my unrealistic self-pitying rants. 

With all that being said, I have already taken a moment of introspection and made moves to put new energy into our relationship this week.  I was aware of the unfairness of laying all my frustrations on him, for really no reason, and we have found time to just snuggle on the couch, lay in bed and just talk, and making time for one another; even if its just a late dinner just the two of us after Lucas has gone to bed.  Its important to both of us to remember that we are spouses, as well as parents, and its important that Lucas knows and sees his parents in love, building a secure and happy family life. 

Just yesterday we were tidying up after dinner and I leaned in and grabbed a kiss from the hubby, only to look up and see Lucas watching us, and then for him to stand up and send us kisses. 

Melted. My. Heart.

This just made me more convicted in making sure that no matter what I carve time to show love to this first guy who stole my heart.  After all there's always going to be laundry to fold.



Five on Friday

Its been a busy week around here, and I'm running low on energy.  For some reason I haven't been sleeping that great at night again, and its messing me up big time.  So this week's five is probably going to be on the skimpy side.

This past Tuesday my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary!  They were supposed to throw a big party for family and friends but due to some unforeseen expenses this summer they had to cancel.  So my sister and I were kind of sad, and we both think that reaching 25 years of marriage is something that should be celebrated, especially nowadays when so many people seem to dispense of their wedding vows so easily.  With that being said, we decided to throw them a surprise dinner party this Saturday and I cannot wait to celebrate with them and our immediate family!

This is one my favourite pictures of them at my wedding.

If you visited my blog at all this week you may have seen a few changes, I'm still ironing out some kinks, and I need to add a few more changes, but I decided to do it all on my own, and its a learning curve.  I have to say that I'm pretty proud of it considering that its all just some basic work, and I hope you all like it so far.

Lucas, is officially on one nap a day, and after a few rough days he is napping about 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon.  I thought that when we would transition him to the one nap that it would be a lot harder to keep him busy and entertained until nap time but its pretty good.  We have a new routine of walks, park time, errands, crafts, playgroup, swimming, that works out great, and it nice to have a good block of time in the afternoon to get things around the house done, or catch up on some mommy time.

I'm already looking forward to Christmas and I can't wait to start decorating the house.  I'm mildly obsessed with these stockings from Pottery Barn but I'm trying to justify to myself and the hubby that we need to spend that much money on stockings! Yeah I think I may need to take up some more sewing and try to make these myself.

This. Face. Everyday.  Enough said!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Lucas' Avengers Birthday Party

I can't believe I am only posting these photos now, but better late than never!
I had so much fun planning Lucas' party, and the day went off without a hitch, even though we were forced to hold it inside due to the rain all week.  My biggest regret is that I didn't take enough photos of everyone, especially my little guy as he was enjoying the party.  The fact that we got a lot of video kind of makes up for it, but next year, I need to make more of an effort to just stand back and take more picture.
Most of the main stream Avengers décor was purchased at Party Packagers, they pretty much had everything I needed to decorate the house, along with plates, cutlery and napkins in Avengers theme, as well as the colour scheme (blue and red).   Since there were only five other children at the party I kind of went all out with the party favours, and put pencils, erasers, balls, a water bottle, and a book; all Avengers themed.  They all loved it, and I in turn love putting things like that together.  I also baked Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies, and wrapped them to send everyone home with a sweet treat at the end of the night.  It was a new recipe, but they were a huge hit, and I wanted everyone to feel special, and we wanted to extend our appreciation to everyone who helped make Lucas' day amazing.
My in-laws made this adorable sign for Lucas.  He actual got a kick out of seeing it, and I couldn't stop laughing.  I loved that they embraced the theme as much as I did. 

I set up a craft station for the kids, and it was very inexpensive.  I purchased crayons and markers at a steal thanks to the back to school specials, and then got everything else at the Dollar Store.  I printed Avengers colouring sheets from the Disney website for free, and then made plain white superhero masks in Bristol board so the kids could decorate and be their own versions of superheroes.  These crafts were a hit!

To add some pizzazz to the tables I purchased $2 African Lilies at Walmart, and used some left over decorations and stuck them in.  They added a nice pop of colour and class to the tables if I say so myself.

Since we ended up setting up the party inside, we made sure everything was set to go ahead of time, and this left my kitchen island free to be used as the main food station.  
I printed all of Lucas' monthly photos, and made a garland, which I hung in the kitchen so everyone could see how much he's grown this year.  I'm not going to lie it was pretty emotional putting it together, I can't believe how much he's changed over the year, and it was amazing to look back and see how on some months he made huge changes.  
I set up this "photo booth" area in the dining room, and everyone got a chance to take a picture with the birthday guy.  I am so glad that I did this, even if I sounded like an overzealous mom to everyone, these are the kinds of memories that are worth making, and I'm sure everyone will love it when they get their own copy of the pic in their thank you cards.
I just love this picture I took with my mom when I took a moment to sit down. 

I know this is a little blurry, but these pictures of my niece Emily dancing around with a play broom, and a crown made of pipe cleaners is just too cute for words. 
We had the customary piñata at the party, and I wasn't too sure how Lucas was going to react, well the kid loved it.  We had the bigger kids break it open, and he immediately got in there and tried to score his own loot!  
I am so grateful for the amazing group of family and friends who helped share our little man's first birthday with us.  We have a great video of all the kids helping Lucas open his gifts, and Lucas trying to put the light out of his candle with his finger!  I can't wait to continue making more memories like that throughout the years, but if next year's birthday could come a little slower than this one it would be much appreciated.



Wordless Wednesday - Thankful

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada, and we spent it largely with our families; mine on Saturday and the hubby's on Monday.  Sunday we took care of a few things around the house, and just relaxed the three of us, it turned out to be a great day, and all around amazing weekend.

There is so much this year that I am thankful for.  Having amazing parents and in laws, who are equally amazing grandparents to my son.  A younger sister who continues to surprise me everyday.  An older sister who now shares with me a different more mature relationship with me as moms.  My home, my health, my country, my freedom.

I am thankful for my husband who still finds ways to make me feel special and loved, and who never questions my insane moments (he knows what is good for him after all).  I feel lucky and grateful everyday for the funny way he came into my life, and for both of us taking a change on one another.  My life has only gotten fuller and more rewarding with him in it.

I am thankful for my son.  For the little man who made me a mother, and fulfilled my most inner dreams and desires.  I am thankful for the times he runs to me for hugs, for the fact that he still needs me, and for the independence that allows him to discover the world.  Life is just that much brighter and wonderful with him in it.  Thank you Lucas for making our house a home.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving feasts this weekend, but that you took the chance to look and be grateful for the things and people that really matter in your lives.  Oh and that you didn't forget to play in the leaves.



Five on Friday

I am loving these Friday link ups, I have met some amazing mommy bloggers with such inspiring stories, and who have sent me at times such kind words in return.  The amazing blogger community is something I'm so glad I decided to join. 

Lucas had his one year well check up and vaccines this week.  I'm pretty sure I cried just as much as he did!  He has always handled his shots "like a man" I must admit, but these ones, as the doctor had advised me would hurt the most, and sure enough after the first one he understood what was happening, and I had to hold him for the rest.  He calmed down fairly quickly, and he was actually in a good mood for most of the day, until close to bedtime, then you could tell he just wanted to sleep and relax, and like all other times he received vaccines, he slept the night away like the proverbial baby. Here are his stats:

I love my big boy!
Monday was kind of awful this week.  I had a bad sinus cold, a mountain of laundry that couldn't be put off any longer, and it was raining.  Lucas loves the outdoors, and I was pressed with trying to figure out something to entertain him with that would allow me to a) slowly tackle the dreaded clothes, and b) not exhaust me more than I was already feeling.  So behold a makeshift water table in the laundry room.  Honestly I wasn't holding much hope since obviously this kid's attention span is not very prolific, but he loved it, and I actually got a lot done.  I just filled the sink with shallow water, and stuck some kitchen things inside and let him go to town.  I may resort to this form of entertainment again.
I bought this owl mug last year at home sense, and it just makes any beverage that much more fun to drink.  While battling this awful sinus cold, there is really nothing better than drinking a steaming tea while your little guy is off in nap land.  The owl is nice company and appropriately festive hehe.
I am pondering making some changes to my blog design, but I'm on the fence on whether I should ask someone to do it for me, and I have looked around on the blogsphere for websites who do that sort of thing; or to do a little research and try my hand at doing it myself.  I'm pretty creative, and I like to tackle things on my own, I'm just not sure I can handle it, or how time consuming it would be for someone who hasn't ever done it before. Any thoughts people.  I do know that I'm inspired by this palette I found on pinterest, do you like?  I actually really want to use this colour scheme for a room in my house, it just seems so cheery.
I started easing Lucas in to an educational craft a day, now that he is officially only napping once.  I have been scouring the internet for ideas, and I am thinking of maybe posting every week a series of what we do together. We started off with just playing with pompoms on tape and paper, since we are learning circles and colours lately.  He seemed to enjoy it!
To all my fellow Canadians I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend, full of love, laughter, and plenty of turkey and pumpkin pie!