Friday Favourites

It's going to short and sweet today cause it's been a long long week here for me and today the hubby won't be home until after the boys are in bed so it's going to be a long long day.  


On Monday we took the boys to the zoo and it was such a nice family day.  The boys were pretty good until the last hour we were there and the little one was begging for a nap and wouldn't settle in the stroller. You can check out some more pics on my post here


We are big lovers of Chinese food so to cap off oufamily day on Monday we took the boys to Mandarin for dinner and introduced Marcus to a little fried rice and wings action.  And he loved every minute.   He devoured the wing.  And then two more!


Marcus has a new skill...climbing the first step on the stairs!  I hate this phase cause I have to be on alert even more when playing in the back yard cause he gets up that one step and then doesn't know what to do so he tries to sit and obviously will fall over.  This was also a huge precursor to Lucas walking so there's that to look forward to.


You know when people think that stay at home moms just lay around and play with their kids all day? Well sometimes that's true...along with feeding them, changing them, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, making dinner, running errands, and throwing in some educational activities into the mix.  So when I sit down and "play" with the kids sometimes that the first time I get to just sit so I hope they will be entertained and let me drink my coffee and maybe read a blog or two.  Nope.  Mine like to climb all over me and use me as their personal jumper.  Cause you know they don't have baskets full of toys right at their disposal.


After an epic week of tantrums, resisting naps, and stage five c lingers, I leave you with these sweet photos from yesterday during a moment of peace and bliss...you know the moments that last 5 minutes.  But hey at least I got to finish my coffee and those smiles, well they ain't that bad either.

Have a great weekend everyone.



A Day at the Zoo

The hubby surprised me on Friday and told me he had taken Monday off to make up for the fact that he had worked on the long weekend.  So we planned a day at the zoo for the boys.  Its not close enough to go often during the summer and I was excited that it was a week day before summer holidays so it was destined to be a relaxed and not busy day.
The weather was great.  Not too hot with the overcast clouds providing tons of needed shade.  There was one episode of showers but thankfully we were close to an indoor section of the zoo and then it was so nice and cool after the rain passed. 
Unfortunately Marcus caught only a very short nap on the way to the zoo in the morning so he was super cranky the last hour so we headed home earlier than expected which ended up being a blessing in disguise cause then naps were had by everyone in the afternoon.
I love making impromptu memories like this with my little family.



What's Up Wednesday

Joining Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel  again for a new monthly Wednesday link up where we all catch up on some randoms going on in our crazy mommy lives.

What we're eating this week

Yesterday was one of those days, and I'm not fully recovered from the endless tantrums or from the super cranky teething baby.  When I'm in one  of those moods I tend to bake, cause when hasn't a cupcake or cookie made anyone feel worse.  Never.  So I'm making a double batch of my famous Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies, and if I find the time cherry muffins and veggie bites (if the oven is going to be on may as well stock on some healthy snacks for the kids).

What I'm reminiscing about

We took the boys to the zoo on Monday and I was looking through photos and I caught this wonderful gem of Lucas.

I couldn't help remember that I had almost the exact same photo from the first time we took him there when he was a mere 10 months.  I can't quite believe that he will be 3 in the three short months.  Lord he tests me like nothing I can describe lately, but that face...oh that face can light up my darkest hour without even trying.

What I'm loving

Warm weather.  The sun is out.  And we are outside most of the day.  I love that if the boys are acting nuts, which is very often lately, that I can stick hats and sunscreen on them and head outside and play in the yard, or head to the park and shake all those crazy willies out of them.

I'm also loving the new Canon Rebel camera that last month I was coveting as a Mother's Day gift, and which my hubby actually surprised me with.  I've been playing around with it and making the boys indulge me in impromptu photo shoots.  They complain sometimes, but then I get gems such as this one.

What we've been up to

Not much to be honestly besides enjoying the nice weather and living for the weekend where we get to spend it all together.

What I'm dreading

The hubby has a few work obligations in the next few weeks which means a couple of late nights a week and a few weekend visit to the job sites.   This all means that I'm going to be riding bedtime solo and I'm dreading it big time.  We have a really good system of teaming up bedtime with each of us diving certain responsibilities so I'm not looking forward to having to tackle those all by myself.

What I'm working on

We have been cleaning up out backyard gardens.   The snow and winter last year kind of fell on us all of a sudden and we didn't get to prepare some of our plants for the winter season.  So we are replanting a few bushes and working on our veggie garden.  This year we planted tomatoes, carrots, arugula, radishes, our usual herbs, and onions.

What I'm excited about

Date night!! The hubby and I are having a much deserved date on Saturday.  Heading out to a movie and dinner to a VIP theater near us that I have been dying to try.  A movie theater that will deliver a cocktail to me is my kind of heaven.

What I'm watching/reading

I have a night table full of books that I am currently trying to read but it just hasn't been happening lately.  One thing about being able to take the boys outside to play will mean that I might actually get to read a little. 

I am however reading a lot about homeschooling preschool websites.  We had been contemplating putting Lucas in a preschool next year to get him ready for kindergarten but the only available ones are pricey and in the private sector.  In all honesty Lucas has most of the requirements for kindergarten since that kid is a sponge when it comes to learning.  He's long mastered his alphabet, numbers, shapes, patterns.  So I'm reading a lot and planning lessons and a curriculum and going to continue preparing him myself, since we've been successful so far.  This summer I'm going to take it easy and just insert some learning in play activities.  If you're interested I've pinned already a lot of learning resources but would love to know if anyone else has other suggestions.

I'm researching groups that I can take Lucas though to help him being around other kids in organized settings, but the kid is really social so I'm not too concerned.  But if any readers from Toronto have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

What I'm listening to

I just started downloading a whole bunch of tunes onto my phone so the kids and I have some fun tracks to listen to while we are chilling in the back yard.  I have varied tastes when it comes to music.  You will find country, pop, hip hop and reggae all in the same mix. The boys and I have been have some major dance parties to Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk though lol.

What I'm wearing

Lord nothing too crazy or fabulous that is worth documenting.

What I'm doing this weekend

DATE NIGHT! Cause it bears repeating and capitalizing.

Also planning on taking the boys to the splash pad near our house which has always been a huge hit with Lucas I can't wait to see how Marcus reacts.  I love these pics from the first time we took Lucas when he was his little brother's age.

What I'm looking forward to next month

The hubby's birthday is next month and I have a few things planned to make it special for him.  He does so much for us on a regular basis and the end of June will mean the end of the crazy month of work so I think he deserves a little extra this year.

What else is new

Not much I have covered here really except that Marcus started wanting to walk this week but can't figure out how to stand and move at the same time which makes for a very frustrated baby. Plus he wants to climb...everything.

Also I feel like Marcus is becoming more aware of the concept of play so he wants to get into his brother's things, and therefore he follows Lucas all the time, which doesn't make big brother too happy.  I caught this moment on Sunday which looks peaceful with Lucas simply taking his brother's hands off his toy but ended in tears from everyone.  Oh well won't be the last time this sort of scene occurs.

What is your favourite thing to grill in June

There is nothing I love more than meat on the grill followed by a grilled veggie salad! And now that I have said that I'm off to take steaks out of the freezer for dinner.



Scenes from the Weekend

Another hot weekend spent mainly outdoors!  Friday I ran some errands during the day with the boys and it was pretty uneventful.  But we started it off right with a little playing together while mommy was able to enjoy her coffee hot and in relative peace. Always a win in my books.

Saturday we had no plans so we spent it pretty much outdoors and loving family time.  We took a trip to the park in the morning where Marcus is finally enjoying the swing.

Later after naps were had by all since a certain little someone was up at the crack of dawn again, we enjoyed the warm weather and cleaned up the back yard. 

Found these cool shades from last summer that no longer fit Lucas, but little brother was happy to have them as a hand me down.

Marcus and I had a rough go Saturday night since someone has a bottom tooth cutting through that is giving him the hardest time.  So Saturday started off nice with him sleeping until 6 and the hubby taking the boys and letting me grab an extra hour of sleep.  I came down to the sweet smell of bacon and biscuits.  But first a dance party!

We took advantage of an unlimited garbage day (I know glamorous lifestyle here) and cleared a whole bunch of junk in our garage and mud room.  The hubby found this truck that had been put away one day after a toddler tantrum and the look of delight when it made a reappearance this weekend makes me think I have to put a few more toys away and take them out once in a while to be better appreciated.

Before naps we enjoyed the sun and heat in the kiddie pool. 

After a much needed nap from the boys we headed to my in laws for their 40th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the couple but I did get all this goodness.

My father in law is Lucas' favourite person.  They have always had a special bond.

Gianni took Monday off and took the boys and I to the zoo so we had an unexpected long weekend.  Recap of that later this week on the blog.