20 Weeks - Baby #2

How far along - 20 weeks

Baby is the size of - a banana

Sleep - Lucas and I were pretty sick so I was sleeping a lot, I would wake up usually at 4:30 with a lugged nose which made sleeping in the early morning a little difficult, but I was rocking 3 hour naps with Lucas in the afternoon, and I don't feel guilty about it one bit.  Caring for a sick child, while being sick and pregnant is not fun at all, and extremely exhausting.

Gender - BOY! BOY! BOY!  I can't even describe how giddy and happy I am to be adding another boy to the family.  I cannot wait to see Lucas with his future brother and all the shenanigans that the future holds for the hubby and I.  Now we are debating names, We fell in love with the name Lucas instantly together, but this time around the hubby and I are at an impasse cause we both love different names.

Movement - After being sick all week I'm guessing the baby was a little lethargic just like his mommy cause there wasn't that much movement, then this past weekend I felt him tons! Some big kicks too!

Food Cravings/Aversions - Still salads with lots of vinegar.  Kind of over the ham sandwich phase, but still loving bread.  Also some meats like chicken are making me a little queasy, except for a sudden craving for chicken wings on Sunday, where I gorged on the hubby's spicy BBQ wings and loved every minute of it.

Symptoms - Still battling awful skin breakouts on my face, and lots of dry skin particularly on my hands and legs, I've been moisturizing like a mad woman but to no avail unfortunately.  Migraines a few times a week, this is a new symptom for me, and they are so awful.  Still battling a little morning sickness sometimes.

Best moment this week - I would have to say finally seeing Lucas feel better on Thursday, and seeing him play at his nonni's house and back to his usual playful self.  It is so sad to see your child sick and not being able to do anything for them but smother them with extra cuddles.

What I miss - Absolutely nothing this week!

We are hoping to enjoy some of the nice weather this week after being in hibernation all last week!



Five on Friday

Its been a rough and amazing few weeks around here.  We had some great highs, but in the midst of it all my poor little man got his first big cold ever.  So here's how things have been going...


Things started really great last Thursday when at my anatomy scan we found out we are having another boy.  I had been feeling girl throughout this pregnancy because the symptoms have been so different this time around, but then on the morning of my appointment I had this overwhelming feeling that the news would be the other way around.  So when the technician showed me the clear indication that indeed I was expecting another energetic little man I was just so happy and excited to share the news with the hubby and Lucas.  Everything looked healthy at the ultrasound and now I am in the throes of planning a dinosaur themed nursery for my new little one, and debating names with the hubby.


On Thursday Lucas started getting really sick, and by Saturday he was just not his usual energetic and playful self.  So Easter turned out to be kind of a bust for us this year, we had headed to my parents earlier in the day and he passed out for a nap at 11:30 am which is so unusual for him, after spending the day miserable, constantly cleaning his runny nose, and nothing making him happy we decided to leave the festivities early and take the little guy home.  Sunday we skipped dinner at my in laws to keep Lucas indoors and just alternating between advil and tylenol, along with some homeopathic remedies I have at home to try and bring down his fever.  We ended up doing Chinese take out, and although the circumstances were kind of sad, it was nice to just spend the day relaxing with my boys. I snapped this adorable pic of him in the only time he was happy watching my sister's birds.


Unfortunately I got sick at the beginning of the week too so Lucas and I have been spending our days hibernating at home not wanting to risk getting worse especially with the temperamental weather we have been having.  Although its been fairly sunny its been pretty windy and cool in the mornings when we would usually go for our walks.  Lucas' fever finally broke Monday, but it makes me so sad to see him so under the weather and so lethargic, not even wanting to play with his trucks.  I snapped this pic of him on Tuesday, so cute but oh so sad eyes.  I just needed to document for his father that he was actually eating fishies, since he's been sick eating has not been high on his list, giving this mommy so much anxiety.


Yesterday was finally a good day, and I started to see a big change in Lucas and myself.  I feel like we are at the tail end of this awful cold, and both mine and his appetite seem to be back.  My craving for vinegar took a back seat this week, and yesterday I gorged on salad with my fave new condiment sweet pickled red onions.  I had these at my mother in laws a few weeks ago, and the hubby made three jars last week.  They are divine and the perfect addition to salads and sandwiches.  Also my little man was actually playful yesterday, and I just love these photos of him.


Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, and this year besides the fact that we have been a house full of sickies, we had decided to keep it really low key.  We made a lovely steak dinner for the three of us, and it was soooo good, and bonus was seeing Lucas enjoy his food again.  After putting Lucas to bed we just enjoyed a home date night with tv and dessert just the two of us, and appreciating everything we have in our lives, and making plans for the future.  I love this quote I found online, it perfectly describes the humour the hubby and I have in our marriage.  No one makes annoying me as cute as that hubby of mine!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Four Years

Today is my wedding anniversary!  Four years ago I had one of the best days of my life (it is now outranked by the day I gave birth to our wonderful son).  We had a small wedding by Italian/Portuguese standards with 140 of our closest family and friends, and it was a day full of love, laughter, and just a downright amazing party celebrating the beginning of our lives together.

On this day four years ago we pledged to love each other through sickness and health, stand by each other through good and bad times, and to never waiver in our love for one another; even when the going gets tough sometimes.  I can honestly say that four years later, living and building a home together, making our own family together with the arrival of our son, and the soon to be arrival of our second bundle of joy, I love my husband more today.  He has held my hand through some really rough moments, shown me that there is no storm he would not weather by my side, and made me laugh more times than I can remember.  He is a worthy opponent in the best of arguments, but we share the same philosophy of never going to bed angry and after cooling down talking through our disagreements.  He makes me a better person, and now I could never imagine a life without him in it; he gave me the greatest gift in our children, and he is the best partner in all things.

Thank you dear husband for being my best friend, my partner in crime, for being an amazing father, and for always standing by my side.  Life is better with you, and I am truly blessed to be sharing it with you.



Its a...

Sorry for the delay in announcing our news from last week's gender ultrasound but Lucas and I have been really sick since Friday and it was probably the worse cold Lucas has ever had.

On to our news.

Baby #2 is a........


We are so over the moon to be adding another little mister to our family, and I simply cannot wait to see Lucas grow up with a brother!



Why I want another son

Today is the day, I'm off in a few hours to my anatomy scan and I'm so excited!  I have mentioned how I would love to add a daughter to our family, but I'm actually equally excited to add another son.

I have loved every minute of being a mother to a son.  His energy is exhausting, but its also healing, and nothing makes me melt more when he reaches for me and calls out mama when he needs me more than anyone else.  I am loving the learning experience that is having a boy in the family, and what the future has to hold for me when he becomes a big boy, and enters the teenage years.  I get misty eyed just thinking of how I get the special mother/son dance at his wedding, or how I am responsible for molding a man who I know with mine and his father's guidance will become the gentleman, provider, and amazing human being his own father is, well its enough to send my emotions sky rocketing.

Before Lucas I never imagined myself a boy mom, but now with this second pregnancy I can actually envision my life as only a boy mom.  I picture a life of taking my boys to soccer practice, relishing and maybe dreading just a little the antics of two energetic boys, watching two at their father's side as he gardens in the backyard, or takes them golfing while mommy gets much deserved time alone.  I feel like when you have children life becomes a whirlwind, and you are forever controlled by these little people that you yourself brought into your life.  I am convinced though that with two boys, my life will never have a peaceful moment, and I will forever be living in a blur of shenanigans and mischief.  I secretly cannot wait for it.

If having a son was completely foreign to me before having Lucas, well the relationship between brothers is even more so.  I would love to have another boy just for that reason.  To give Lucas a companion that he can learn with, someone who will join him in his nefarious antics around the house, someone who will conspire with him when they are teenagers (even if this one gives me anxiety just thinking of the trouble they could cause together), so that they may always have someone to look out for each other.  I am not naive, I know this will not be without their moments, times when they will fight over the same toy, wrestle each other over the remote, get in each others' faces and argue sometimes constantly; that is after all the crux of growing up with siblings period.

Well enough postulating about what the future holds for us, I'm off to put everyone's guessing to rest.



Easter Baskets (Blogger Link-up)

I'm joining a link-up with Darci over at The Good Life  and Sarah at Our Journey where we are sharing our Easter Baskets this year.

We have only children on my side of the family, five in total.  This year I decided to do a little something different, instead of filling baskets with treats and little things I would scour Walmart usually for, I bought these adorable beach towels, for hopefully the upcoming warm weather.

For the younger of the four I got hooded towels.  This Spider Man one from Walmart for the only other boy in the family my cousin Daniel, and this Fairies one for my little niece Emily.  For the two older girls I got them these larger Princess towels also at Walmart.

Then I just spruced them up with some ribbon and a small bag of Easter egg chocolates.  I'm going to add freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that I'm making Friday night as well.

For my little man, he obviously is getting a much larger basket from the Easter bunny also known as his mommy and daddy.  I'm reusing this Yoda basket he got last year, but I have intentions of splurging after the holiday sales for personalized baskets from pottery barn.  By then we will know what baby #2 will be and he/she will have a name so I can buy both and have them ready for next year.

I filled Lucas' basket with things he needs, and I know he loves.  I included new pajamas from Walmart and they are awesome cause they are nice and thin for my little sweaty sleeper, and they are full one-pieces without footies, which is also great for a certain little man who likes to have his feet uncovered like mommy and daddy.  I added a cute trucks book, cause you can never have enough in a boys world.  Garanimal bath toys, since I recently purged all his other bath toys, and this adorable lion bib for messy dinners (Lucas is slightly obsessed with lions, and it is his favourite sound to make).  I'm going to add some cookies Sunday morning when he opens his basket, and we may just indulge in sweet confections for breakfast that morning, cause why not.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has in store for their littles this year.



18 Weeks - Baby #2

Pardon the awful picture, its just been one of those days

How far along - 18 weeks

Baby is the size of - a bell pepper

Sleep - was pretty bad this week.  I had a hard time getting comfortable, which made falling asleep a task, only then to wake up 45 minutes later to pee.  This made for some pretty long days.

Gender - Finding out this week!! I'm so excited.

Movement - Steady small kicks a few times a day, mostly at night, or after eating something.  I'm looking forward to those big kicks!

Food Cravings/Aversions - Still salads with lots of vinegar, plus pickles, olives, and pickled peppers.  Also loving passion tea lemonades from Starbucks!  I have been pretty averse to coffee this pregnancy, but this week I started enjoying the occasional iced coffee, and had my first hot coffee Sunday in a while, and it didn't make me gag so that's a plus.

Symptoms - Still battling awful skin breakouts on my face, and lots of dry skin particularly on my hands and legs, I've been moisturizing like a mad woman but to no avail unfortunately.  Had the occasional headache this week, but I really think that's a by product of the bad sleep.

Best moment this week - I had a doctor's appointment Saturday to review the results of all our genetic testing, and spinal/neural tests, and everything came back perfect.  It was such a great feeling to hear my doctor say to me that everything looked fantastic.  I had been stressing a little, since I'm on thyroid medication which is supposed to help prevent any neural complications, so to know that everything has developed as it should was just a huge weight lifted.

What I miss - We went out for sushi and Asian food the other night with friends, and I realized how much I miss raw sushi, although the California rolls did hit the spot I was really longing for some salmon and butter fish.



Why I want a daughter

Before any of you get your panties in a bunch and think that I a)  must not love being a boy mom or b) I wouldn't love having another boy; I have another post scheduled on why I would indeed love to add another boy to our growing family.  But for now I want to talk about what having a girl would mean to me.

This week we find out the gender of Baby #2 at our anatomy scan on Thursday, and I'm beyond excited.  After finding out the first time we were expecting a son I finally started visualizing our future baby, and went straight into planning mode for all things nursery, and just preparing myself for a boy in the family.  You see I grew up in a family of only girls, and before the scan I even said to my husband if its a boy I wouldn't know what to do; boys just seemed so foreign to me.  When the technician showed us the clear indication of our son I started to cry...tears of happiness.  I had a feeling from the beginning that Lucas was indeed a boy, and hearing it confirmed just overwhelmed me with emotions for this child that I could now see, a vibrant and energetic baby who would be a little rough around the edges like his daddy, and enjoy all things dirt and wheels.  I was exactly right in my premonitions.

Like I mentioned I only have sisters, and very few boy cousins to boot; but I especially have a particular bond with my youngest sister Gyselle who was born when I was twenty-one.  I was in my second year of university and I was obviously in shock when my parents told us they were expecting, lets just say none of my friends quite believed I was going to be a sister again.  Clearly, after already having three girls at home, you can guess that my parents were hoping for a boy this time, and I actually remember thinking how comical it was when the technician told us at the anatomy scan that we were actually adding another sister to the mix! The day she was born I was the first to hold her, and I fell instantly in love, and that love has just continued growing as she has gotten older.  In many ways I think that day was when I knew that being a mother would be my greatest achievement and blessing in life, and I couldn't wait to find the man of my dreams to start my own family with.

I embraced all things girly when Gyselle was born, and since she was six when I did get married, I took full advantage of those six years to play with her, take her to the library, read to her every night, buy her every princess related artifact imaginable, and she became my girl (she still is by the way).  So it was only natural that when I pictured having my own children I imagined my own little girl at my side, that I could share all those little things with as well.

These feelings are not to be confused with how I feel about having a son.  Lucas has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, he has taught me to get out of my comfort zone with his energetic tactics, and his love for everything outdoors.  I love love being a boy mom, and he will always be mama's little man.  This time around I am hoping for a girl to complete the family, and to fulfill those initial feelings of wanting my little girl too; someone whose going to come with me for pedicures while Daddy is out golfing with Lucas,  someone who wants to play tea parties, and dress up as a princess every other day.   In no way would this child be replacing my affections for Lucas, my heart will only grow bigger when this new addition enters our life regardless of its gender.

Growing up with siblings can be a roller coaster of emotions and experiences, but equally special and momentous.  Every childhood memory I have revolves around my  sisters, and though at times we have been frustrated with one another and argue over things that in retrospect seem petty, they are my people and we would do anything for each other.  I cannot wait to see what kind of relationship develops between Lucas and his sibling, and I can't help but wonder that if indeed it is a girl what the future holds for these two.  Will he become the older protective brother?  Will he find her the pesky little sister that is always in his way?  Will she eventually find him the annoying older know it all sibling?  Even though my mother only has one brother, and my husband himself only grew up with sisters, the brother/sister bond in truth is kind of foreign to me, and one that I wholeheartedly would love to see and experience first hand.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for our family.



Five on Friday

This week has been pretty good, but I'm looking forward to the weekend and getting some extra sleep with the hubby being home.  Lucas' naps have been a bit off this week and I'm really feeling the lack of mommy time, I have an appointment Saturday which I'm heading to by myself, and I think a stop at Target on the way home is just what I need, with maybe a large iced Starbucks coffee while I'm there!

Thankfully the weather has been a little better this week, and we were actually able to make it to the park a few times.  I have missed being outside with Lucas, and letting him run rampant and expend all his energy! The fresh air did wonders for this mama too, I had a few mornings there where I woke up feeling just off, and going out for a walk in the breeze was just what the doctor ordered.  By the look of all these cute photos, a little someone was also pretty happy to be outside.

We endured some Mach 7 like tantrums over here this week.  Out of nowhere Lucas just lost it the other night before dinner, and nothing would calm him down.  I have to say that overall Lucas is a pretty easy going kid, stubborn and quick tempered yes, but usually he gets over his tantrums fairly easily and quickly.  This week not so much, he was thrashing around the living room, wanted to be picked up, then would push himself against us to get down, all the while crying tears of frustration, Lord knows I shed a few tears in the process.  I finally got him to calm down, and we proceeded to picnic dinner on the living floor, cause at the point I just gave up.  Unfortunately, another epic tantrum happened the next day before nap time, which eventually ended up with him snoring up a storm 45 minutes later in my arms.  I'm hoping its just a phase, he's learning to exert his independence, and his language skills haven't quite caught up to his need to communicate.  In the meantime this is one time when I wish I could pour a large glass of wine after bedtime, I guess a large bowl of ice cream will have to do for now.

Saturday we have dinner plans with my best friend and her new boyfriend who I have yet to meet.  This woman has been a big part of my life for the past decade, she's the type of friend that can go weeks without talking and then we get together and its like we spoke yesterday.  I'm looking forward to giving the new guy the first degree of interviews, but he seems to make my friend happy and that's all that matters.  Also, just looking forward to getting out with the hubby for a dinner that doesn't involve running interference between flying sippy cups, and pasta all over the floor.

I bought the most adorable outfit for Lucas for Easter at Carters, and can't wait to see him in it.  I had a very particular look I was going for, and I was so happy to score all three pieces for a steal.  I had scoped a similar look from the gap, but Lucas has been growing like a weed lately and I just couldn't justify spending as much as it costs there.

I leave you with this quote, cause I know it rings true with a lot of you mamas out there!  I'm off to do just that right now!

Have a great weekend!



Scenes from the Weekend

We had such a great weekend.  Exhausting, but oh so much fun.

As part of our gift to my little sister for her birthday we took her and Lucas to the Science Center for the day on Saturday.  Both kids loved it so much, and Lucas was so well behaved that it just made the whole day enjoyable.  My sister Gyselle and the hubby have a shared love for science and how things work, so they were like two peas in a pod the whole day learning about things, and Gianni was always keen on answering her questions.  I can't believe that Gyselle was only three when Gianni entered my life, and in many ways she has never known a life without him in it, and he has always been an amazing big brother to her.

Gyselle was so great with Lucas too, always ready to hold his hand, and discover things with him.  Makes me so proud of the little woman she is becoming.  Best line of the day: Gyselle telling me that if I want her to babysit she will waive the $1 an hour fee cause we took to the science center.

Both kids conked out on the way home from all the walking.  I wish I could say this meant a nice long nap, cause Lord knows this mama could have used one too but it was not to be.  After a fun bath together we headed out for dinner at Mandarin with my parents.  It was such a great night, Lucas continued his streak of being in a great mood and I passed out like a light that night.

Unfortunately Sunday say Lucas wake up at 4:45am!  I thought he was set to sleep in with the day's before antics, and poor nap, but  guess he knew that it was his cousin's birthday party and he was raring to go.

I can't believe that we were celebrating Emily's THIRD birthday.  Seriously where has the time gone.  She is such a sweet, talkative, and spunky little girl, and there are no words for how much I love her.  She celebrated with a beautiful Sofia the First party planned by my sister, at an indoor playground that had all the kids running around and expending all their energies before bed.

Emily was the sweetest when she was opening gifts, exclaiming "what?!" every time she opened something new, and just so happy for all her gifts.  She adored the attention which was so cute to watch since last year she absolutely hated it.

The cutest part of the evening had to be when it was time to cut the cake.  Emily insisted on singing Happy Birthday to herself before anyone else could sing to her, and watching as her closest family gazed lovingly at her was just so beautiful

And where was my child throughout this all.  Playing, I swear he had the time of his life, and was non too happy when it was time to leave, but then rewarded his tired mommy by sleeping in until 7am this morning.  Its the small pleasures in life.

We are off to enjoy the spring like weather today, hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends as much as we did.


17 Week - Baby #2

How far along - 17 weeks

Baby is the size of - a ginger root

Sleep - Still getting up about 2 to 3 times a night to pee, the good news is that I am now falling back asleep with much more ease.  Since we were pretty busy all week I took advantage and had a few naps and I feel like that has been helping keep my energy up.

Gender - We will be finding out April 17th, still feeling like its a girl, but would be just as happy with a boy again.

Movement - Been feeling the baby more when I go to bed and try to sleep on my left, the baby is not a fan of that position.  Also after some sweet treats the other night I had a pretty distinctive kick, guess he/she was on quite the sugar high since I haven't really been indulging in sweets.

Food Cravings/Aversions - Still loving anything with bread, so ham sandwiches with pickled eggplant is my go to breakfast.  Also anything with vinegar, loving large salads packed with salt and balsamic.

Symptoms - The morning sickness went away this week, so that's a huge relief.  Still feeling a bit sick in the morning until I eat, but that was pretty standard throughout my whole pregnancy with Lucas as well.  Been battling awful skin breakouts on my face, that is making me feel like a teenager hitting puberty again.  I've tried creams, and soaps and nothing is clearing it up.  Also a lot of dry skin, to the point that my legs and hands are always itchy, even after moisturizing, hopefully that is just a by product of this interminable winter we have been enduring.

Best moment this week - fun activities with Lucas all week! Yesterday I had my second IPS testing, and ultrasound so I got to see my sweet little babe again, and every time I get to see that little heart beating just makes my day.  I have battled a lot of miscarriage anxiety this pregnancy so I need all the reassurance I can get.  Also a great weekend with my little sister at the Science Center and celebrating our sweet niece's 3rd birthday!

What I miss - The bump is getting a little out of control this time around, and its getting a little difficult to get up quickly from a sitting position on the floor when I'm doing activities with Lucas.  Being pregnant with a toddler is no joke people.

I have a fun weekend recap set for either later today or tomorrow!