Lucas is 14 Months

My little man is a full fledged toddler, and he has the tantrums to prove it!  I'm still trying to grasp how fast this month passed.  Our days are pretty full with activities, meals, outings, errands, learning time, family time, that I feel that time just flies right past me sometimes. 

Lucas is going through some early onset terrible twos symptoms, that my sister had advised me could happen, as my niece experienced the same thing.  Seriously, I lose count of how many times during the day I give myself a time out, pray to God for some extra patience, and tackle the mister's outbursts.  Lucas has shown that he has a short fuse (but I'm sure that's true with most kids his age, he just has the added disadvantage of his Portuguese AND Italian heritages), and his temper is formidable, especially of course when he doesn't get his way, or he senses the word no is coming.  His limited communication skills are clearly still a hindrance, so when he gets upset and he's "talking" to me and I'm trying my best to get a handle on what's wrong, he will just have a total meltdown, crying, raising his arms in protest, until thankfully we understand each other or he gets over it.  Other times when his meltdowns are driven by "no you may not put your hand in the toilet", or "please for the hundredth time do not tear down all the ornaments off the tree", or "let me please wash this measly mug and then we will play together" there is really nothing I can do to tame the tantrum.  He clearly is too young for time out, so most often I resort to "ignoring" him until he calms down and then he meanders over to me with a huge smile all forgotten, or sometimes he sits on the couch with one of us until he realizes that he either a) has to calm down since crying and flaying his arms around is really not the answer, or b) he realizes that we are saying no or danger for a reason.  Its an uphill battle, and discipline is something that will be a gradual process, that is oftentimes exhausting, but we feel that sticking to a plan, or one set of rules; eventually with more comprehension will prove to be easier.

To round off this new world of tantrums and stubbornness, Lucas is incredibly independent.  He refuses to be assisted sometimes with the most mundane things, but then will get frustrated if he can't figure it out.  I swear people, he drives me absolutely batty sometimes, and I don't know whether to shake my head and cry, or just laugh at the situation (sometimes its both).  His independence thankfully is a blessing sometimes, he enjoys independent play very well, it encourages him to try and understand certain toys, and games on his own, he has gained better self-feeding skills, and just overall his understanding of the world around him.

So don't get me wrong it hasn't been all bad around here, I'm just trying to keep it real, and I needed to get that all out there.

Lucas has also shown this month a more playful side grasping the concept of playing much differently.  His favourites activities are anything musical, sorting games, balls, and crafts.  We really kicked it up a notch this month with crafts introducing finger painting, and stickers, and even though his attention span for certain activities is still limited he is enjoying them more and more.  He engages other kids at his playgroup to play with him, and is always all smiles when he meets someone new.  I'm so glad that I really made more of an effort to join this playgroup, since I have seen such a change in him in how he interacts with other children, and seen a huge enhancement in his social skills; especially since he is one of the youngest in the group I feel that interacting with the other children who are already talking more has really helped with his want to communicate.  I'm pretty pumped for another group we are joining in January adding to are jam packed schedule, and keeping the little guy and mama busy. 

Some new words that Lucas learned this month was: good, there, again, and he is making the moo sound when we are learning our animals.  He speaks a lot even if it is incoherent, and I find it pretty amusing when he is trying to tell us something and we guess it right he will turn to us and say yeah yeah, pretty happy with us.  He speaks like an old Italian man with his hands in the air, and grunting when he is perturbed with something, its quite the sight to see.  When he wakes in the morning, he will cry out if he woke up startled or not feeling well, if not he is quite pleasant, just sits and plays in his crib until I go get him.  The best is usually his morning ritual will be to put his aquarium on, and proceed to have a conversation with the fishes, and all his stuffed animals, its adorable and I never rush to go get him just so I can lay in bed and watch him over the monitor. 

Lucas is pretty affectionate, just like his parents, often running over for hugs and kisses quite unprompted, but lately this poor mama gets no love before bed time.  Gianni always gives him his bottle before bed, and I read him a story, just before I leave them to have bonding time I use to get all sorts of kisses, lately nothing, nada, zilch.  Boy and I have to have a talk about that lol. 

I'm pretty sure that sums up the highlight reel for this month.  Everyday is a either a breeze or a head banging against the table kind of day; but overall everyday is a blessing.



Wordless Wednesday - Baby it's cold outside!

We had our first real snow this weekend, and I had been anxiously anticipating it so that I could take Lucas out and play for the first time in snow.  At last he had a nasty runny nose, and cough all weekend, and I really did not want to risk it getting worse. 

Today he is finally on the mend, and I was starting to get a little cabin fever so I braved the ordeal of getting him all snug up in his boots and snow suit and away we went to the cold.  And it was so much fun.  Being a mom I have come out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion, and with a rowdy and boisterous boy well that zone just keeps getting invaded all the time.  So I not only braved the snow, but got right in there with the little guy, and loved every single minute of it. 


It was a little comical seeing my little man tottering all around the backyard in this big suit, and boots, and having a hard time getting around.  He fell quite a few times, and disliked the fact that getting up in his gear was no easy task.  Just as he was getting more comfortable, he face planted right into the snow, and all hell broke loose.  He recovered fairly quickly but he was done playing with the cold stuff. 

Hope everyone is keeping warm, I'm off to enjoy a Peppermint Hot Chocolate!



Random Thoughts

I took an unintentional blog break, I had been busy with stuff around the house, Lucas, and I've been feeling off; so blogging when you're just not feeling it seems kind of pointless to me.  I'm back, and I thought I would start off with some random thoughts and what I have been up to.

* Last week was my birthday, 31, I'm not afraid to admit it.  I'm not those type of women who after a certain age stop "aging" and have repeat birthdays every year.  I'm going to embrace every wrinkle, age spot, and white hair that comes my way, its inevitable after all, and its only a sign that I have lived.  My boys took me out to my favourite sushi restaurant for dinner, and it was a low key evening, pretty much exactly what I wanted.  I did end up having my family over on Saturday for a seafood feast, a truly Portuguese style celebration and that was equally lovely.  I have a shopping trip, all on my lonesome with my name on it, courtesy of my husband for some time this week too!

* My sister and niece came over earlier on Saturday so that the kids could get some more play time.  We have always dreamed of the time when we would have kids, and they would grow up together; and even though we do not live right around the corner from each other, we do our best to get together on a regular basis so the kids spend time with one another.  I had prepared a simple craft for the kids to do together, and we adults found it hilarious when my niece would get upset that Lucas kept decorating her craft as well as his.  She's almost 3, so she talks up a storm and her expressions are just to die for.  For now Lucas just puts his hands up in the air and tries to argue with her, equally adorable; but I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for these two.

* My little sister Gyselle is just not so little anymore.  She's turning 10 this coming March, and she's so great with her young niece and nephew.  On Saturday she actually helped bathe Lucas, and I couldn't help have my heart burst with pride and love.  She has a lot of personality, and oftentimes sounds like she's 9 going on 30, but she continues to be my best little sister.

* I've been on an organizing kick lately, and I just finished organizing my office to include a playroom for Lucas.  It's pretty bare right now, so when I have some colourful prints on the wall I will have to post some pictures.  I'm taking advantage of this need for order to tackle other projects around the house, and its also extended to other parts in my life: finances, routines, schedules, personal goals, that overall make me happier.  I need order in my life, and I'm a huge list person.  Its complete satisfaction to put a line through a finished item on my lists.

*I've had the house decorated for a week now, and it really helps cheer my soul up.  This is my most favourite time of the year, I love everything about decorating, baking, the smells, the lights, and the season's events.  I actual prefer to give gifts than get them, nothing makes me happier than seeing someone's face light up over something that I gave them after careful thought.  I'm planning some events for Lucas in the next couple of weeks, and can't wait to share with him my love for the holidays.

*  For the past few weeks I had been feeling pretty down, and conflicted.  Something happened that I don't want to get into specifically but it made me question certain relationships in my life, and worse my view on raising my son.  From the day Lucas was born I have prided myself in how I confront the trials of motherhood; I have taken certain things from my own childhood, and either used them verbatim or adapted them to better suit mine and Gianni's lifestyle and beliefs.  Have I had moments where I questioned myself? 100%.  Its only natural to journey though motherhood with doubt and worry, but its destructive and damaging when that doubt is stemmed from someone else.  I've moved on from this feeling; with a lot of self-reflection, talks with my own parents, leaning on my husband, and with prayer.  I have realized that I am a good, if not great mother, and I should never question that again; no matter what vicious words may be thrown my way.

* On the same thought process, I've also come to realize that my family, as it pertains to my husband and son, are and will always remain my number one priority.  I have room in my life for my extended family, both mine and Gianni's, but I can't please everyone, I have to do what is best for my little family unit.  This was and is a difficult realization for me since I've always been a people pleaser, and often put other people's feelings above my own; but its truly exhausting and not worthwhile.  As long as my boys are happy and taken care of, well than I will always be a happy woman.

If you're still reading these ramblings spitting from my mind, than a big thank you to you.  Hope you all have a great week ahead, and stay warm!



Five on Friday

I can't believe its Friday already, this week has completely flown by.  We've been keeping busy with crafts, I have the house pretty much decorated for the holidays, and I'm ready for some relaxing times with my boys this weekend.  Linking up with the lovely ladies Darci, Liz, Christina, and Natasha.

Tomorrow are our family Christmas photos and I'm pretty excited.  I'm mildly obsessed with taking family photos, and this session is turning into an annual tradition.  I love filling the house with professional photos, and our photographer has been taking our photos since Gianni and I got engaged!  Last year the little guy was a mere 2 months, and he was too cute beyond words, and very well behaved.  I'm praying for some good behaviour tomorrow, and I have timed them to when he is at his best mood during the day.  Here's a look back at his cuteness from last year.

The weather got really cold this week, and we finally got some flurries. The snow didn't last long in my area, but it was enough to have Lucas and I go out and explore the snowflakes on the grass, which was great since coincidentally this week we did snowflake crafts!  His cute bundled self was to die for, and thank the Lord I found a hat that he can't rip off!  Kid is exactly like his father, always too hot, and hates coats, gloves, and hats...its going to be a long winter for this mama if its going to be a struggle every time we go out!

Next week its my birthday!  31.  Wow.  Officially got my first year of my thirties done, and it was pretty darn great.  Last year I had a whole shindig at my house to celebrate my thirtieth, but this year I'm keeping it very low key.  Dinner out on Thursday with my boys to my fave sushi restaurant, a day date with my littlest man, maybe a movie date with the big guy on Friday, and then on Sunday we are thinking of heading to Niagara on the Lake for a family day.  All in all should be a lovely celebration.

After three weeks of constantly waking up at pretty much five in the morning Lucas woke up yesterday at 7! and still had a two hour nap in the afternoon.  Alleluia!  The days have been pretty long around here due to these early mornings, and sometimes I was lucky if Lucas got a good nap.  Darn molars really messed with him, but the last one is finally cutting through so I'm hoping this means he will back to his regular schedule, for all our sakes!

My mother told me of a co-worker who recently lost her brother to cancer.  He left behind his wife and three kids, one of which is a mere three weeks old.  The man lost his battle to the illness after being diagnosed only nine weeks ago.  Obviously the wife is struggling to make ends meet, and my mom had asked if I had anything at all of Lucas' that I could donate to their new son.  I was so moved by this story, and I filled two boxes of clothes, and diapers to send to her.  It really made me take a moment and be thankful for the blessings in my life, and for having my husband by my side.  Life is truly fragile, and precious; we should treasure every moment, and not just the special occasions.

I leave you with this quote, and encourage all of you to hug a little longer, give more kisses, and call that someone you haven't in a while!



Wordless Wednesday - Mommy's Little Helper

I get Lucas involved as much as I can, or think I should, in my daily chores around the house; even if its just a running narrative of what I'm doing.  Lately he has had a mild obsession with putting his hands in the toilet (dear Lord help me), but I think its cause he's watched me clean the toilets!  Oh well eventually it will all come to use. 

Monday's are my laundry day, and the moment I open the washer or the dryer Lucas will meander his way into the laundry room and "help" me.  Usually clothes end up all over the floor, or he tries his might to get into the washing machine, but this past Monday he actually took clothes from the dryer and placed them (well most of them) into the basket.  It sounds all trivial, and like I'm promoting my 14 month old to do chores; which I'm not at all doing.  However, its moments like these that show Lucas that things around the house need to get done, and toys, and clothes are not meant to be strewn everywhere.  I think it lays the seed for good manners, and for making him a good little helper; especially since I detest typical gender roles, and believe that Lucas should grow up knowing how to cook and clean, and take care of himself. 

All in all the cuteness of him helping me is too much to handle, and we make a pretty good team!



{Toddler Activity} Tree Inspired

As I mentioned on Friday I started a craft learning schedule with Lucas last week.  I pick a theme or a word that I want to introduce and center crafts for the week around it.  So I scoured pinterest, and the general internet world (I actually found some great mommy bloggers who are devoted to teaching posts, and toddler crafts), and planed the week ahead.  For the first week we did three crafts, and I worked them around the days we don't have outside activities scheduled already.  Last week was also pretty cold around these parts so it was great to already have something planned.  I pre-prepared all the crafts in zip lock bags and then placed them in a basket in our mud room, so that way it was simply setting up his space, and saved time. 

Craft 1 - Finger painting Tree

This was really simple, and I have been wanting to introduce Lucas to actual paint since he seemed really into the bath tub ones I have.  This was a lot more successful than I even anticipated it would be for Lucas, he really loved feeling the paint on his hands, and we experimented with our fingers, and our whole hand on the paper.  When he was done painting, he looked at me, put his hands in the air, and said all done (I'm not going to lie makes me pretty proud). 

Craft 2 - Glue Leaves on Large Tree

We went on a discovery nature walk earlier in the day, looking at the different trees in the neighbourhood (we live in a typical suburban area, so the tree options are pretty standard, and not all that grandiose, but a 13 month old doesn't know the difference lol).  We collected leaves, which Lucas really loved, when he saw me picking them up, he kind of got what I was doing then started collecting them and bringing them to me as well.  Once at home, I have placed the "tree" on the patio door for easier access to the little guy, pre glued the whole upper area, and just let him discover.  I placed the first leaf on the tree so he could see that it would stick, and then he would put them up and tear them down.  Again another pretty successful craft, he enjoyed crunching the leaves as well.

Funny enough fitting with the season of the year, once Lucas had all the leaves glued on the tree, he started taking them off, leaving the tree bare.  But his dancing around in the leaves on the floor was worth the mess!

Craft 3 - Decorate the Christmas Tree

First of all this would have been so much easier if I had contact paper, but I didn't so I used double sided tape from my scrap booking supplies, so the tree could only really be decorated in certain areas.  I hung the tree on his easel, so that I could place the pompoms (bought at the dollar store for a steal) on the bottom ledge.  Besides the fact that Lucas would get a little frustrated cause he would try to place the pompoms in areas that were not sticky, he really loved this craft, so much so that I kept it up the rest of the week, and once in a while he would gravitate to it on his own.  I found this great for his fine motor skills since some of the pompoms are pretty small.  Even though he at times tried to eat the pompoms (note to self maybe he should have had a snack before doing this craft that involved round colourful balls that look like candy!), he would look at me and clap his hands whenever he was able to get a ball on the tree!

Hope this inspire some crafting time with your minis.  These were pretty all low maintenance, and gave me enough time to do some things in the kitchen while he was occupied, or motivation to "teach" Lucas about new things, and words.



Five on Friday

Its been a long week around here.  Lucas is having a hard time teething his molars, and wakes up really early because of it, which in turn makes for some really long days, especially if he isn't in the best of moods.  We have been keeping busy with crafts and outings, but I'm usually ready for bed when Lucas goes down for the night too!  On to this week's five.

Next week we have our family photos for our Christmas card, and I'm pretty excited about them, more so cause its giving me an excuse for some mommy time this Sunday.  While the boys stay home and watch football, I'm going for a much needed haircut, and I'm working up the courage to chop a lot off.  I'm thinking of maybe a bit longer than this version from Katie Holmes.  I definitely need some texture and a bit of a new look, but I want still the option of being up to pull my hair up if needed.

In the interest of helping teach new words to Lucas, and having realized his newfound love for crafts I started a routine of centering at least three crafts a week around a new word.  This week we worked on tree, and it has been really great.  I have a whole post dedicated to our activities but for now here's a preview of the fun he's been having.

I recently purged several boxes of books from my collection and donated them to my brother in law's school.  It was actually a lot easier to part with them than I thought, if I didn't think I would read the book again then in the box it went.  There were a few book on the shelf that I haven't gotten around to reading yet so they are up next on my list, but all the extra space has me itching to go to Chapters and fill them up!  I'm staying away for awhile, or else.  Book nerd problems.

I have lost it when this has happened, especially to a new book!

I've slowly started getting the house Christmas ready, and I'm itching to put the tree up, but I'm waiting until next week after the Santa Parade.  I have a few DIYs that I'm working on this year to spruce up my d├ęcor, and trying to make a few non breakable things for my living room, since I have a toddler who thinks that anything within his grasp is a either a toy, a teether, or just plain his to do as his likes.

I've been mildly obsessed with researching events and activities for the upcoming Christmas season, since its by fair my absolute favourite time of the year.  Last year we didn't do that much since Lucas was only two months old, so I really want to try to do more this year.  Last year I went to the mall for his Santa pictures near my sister's house, and I will definitely be going back there for sure, the Santa is incredibly believable, and was just a jolly (hehe) man.  Last year we had no tears, so lets hope for a repeat performance.  Lucas is a pretty social kid, so I'm not too worried.  Can't wait for another round of cuteness like last year's, maybe with a smile though instead of the worried stare lol.

And just because here's my little man in a bout of laughter, this smile is the only thing that makes teething, poor sleep, and crankiness really that much more bearable.

Have a great weekend everyone!



October Book Review

I have been averaging three books a month which isn't too bad considering I spend most of my days running around an energetic 14 month old.  I really try to make some time for myself to indulge in one my favourite hobbies, even if its just half an hour of Lucas' nap time, or a little before bed.  I find that it helps having a little me time to restore my mental energy during the day.  On to this months reads.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

So I'm loving this series a lot more than I thought I would, and I know for someone with an English degree it might be a little embarrassing to admit that this young adult novel is entertaining, but the nerd wants what it wants.  Besides sometimes I just need a little easy reading!  The second installment sees the protagonist begin to learn and attempt to understand this power that she was born with, but grew up not knowing she had.  Its all very supernatural, and unrealistic, which is just the perfect dose of fantasy that I need to help my brain shut down for a few hours hehe.

Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts

This is the fourth book in the brother series I started last month, and it was by far my favourite of the series.  If you remember, the series centers around foster brothers who come together to raise and help a new child that their adoptive father had taken in shortly before his death.  All these men have suffered personal traumas, and grown up in broken, and fractured homes; and we discover that Seth, the "new" son is in fact the grandson of their benefactor.  Besides all these tedious details, this novel was just so warm, if that could be used as a description for a story.  Its lovely to see a series come to fruition, when the novelist revisits Seth's story as an adult, finding his own love to tell.  Like most of Roberts series, I highly recommend this one. (Sidenote: sometimes I struggle whether I should continue this series, but then my mom was over the other day and took this series home based on my reviews, so I was sold to continue with them!)

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

I read the prequel to this novel just before the movie came out, and loved it way more than I thought I would.  The movie is fantastic, Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep portray the characters pretty much exactly as I had envisioned them.  I don't usually put too much stock in sequels that are written so many years later, I find that it comes off as contrived, and often it ruins the original story for me.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one, I must admit.  The plot is fresh, very current to family ideals nowadays, and struggles that women face today with fulfilling roles they want, and others they think they need to attain.  We revisit Andrea ten years after the last novel, successful in her own right now, as she struggles with friendships, marriage, new motherhood, owning a business, and leaving the past behind.  A lesson that I took from this novel was that you can only make yourself feel inferior, and when necessary remove from your life the ones who are helping you feel that way!

Happy reading everyone!



Toddler Activity: Homemade Paint

Until recently Lucas still put everything that touched his hands in his mouth, and this has made me apprehensive to do anything with paint.  Thankfully this is starting to not be as much of a problem, and I may be venturing into painting crafts in the near future.  So last week I made a batch of homemade paint from a recipe I found on Pinterest (1 cup of cornstarch, 6 tbs of sugar, 4 cups of water, and a pinch of salt, let it boil until it takes on the consistency of pudding).  I used a few sprinkles of red kool aid to colour the paint, stripped the kid down and let him discover.  Instead of using paint brushes, I cut, and prewashed a dish sponge. 

Unfortunately this wasn't a very successful foray into painting.  The paint takes on a very congealed consistency after its cooled, and it would stick to his fingers a little too much for Lucas' liking.  We ended up taking the bowl and playing in the bath tub with it, and he had a lot more fun that way, so maybe not a total fail.

A tip for a rainy day activity, and a way to contain painting messes, when your child still doesn't quite the grasp of a mess is let them paint in the tub.  I have done this a few times with Lucas, and he loves it, then when we are washing up I let the tub fill a bit so he sees the water colour; although be mindful that some paints have high quantities of dye and it won't be that easy to get stains out grouts, and little toddler feet! lol


Toddler Activity: Fall/Halloween Sensory Bin

I have started to be more conscious of the activities I do and make with Lucas, since his understanding of the world around him has been growing leaps and bounds.  I discovered sensory bins through our play group, and Lucas always seems to gravitate to them when we are there.  So I made this bin when I was in a bind the other day to entertain him.  It was a cold and wet day, and we were both a tad bored, and I was not in the mood to drive to the mall for a walk. 

I used lentils, and yellow split peas to keep the colour in theme, and filled it with holiday things that I already had at home.  I placed a large sheet on the floor to help with the clean up, and the kid loved it.   I used a measuring spoon as his digger, and he really enjoyed playing with it, and I got dinner done in the process.  The bin garnered about 20 minutes of play a day, which is a feat of attention span for this little guy.  Now that Halloween is over I'm going to change up some of the sensory items to leaves and tree parts for our tree week crafts!

These are great ways to introduce new words, textures, and a sense of play.  On the first day I had gently warned Lucas that the moment he threw the lentils in the air, or any of the objects for that matter, that play time would be over.  When it happened, the box was removed, I told him why, and sat him in his high chair as I cleaned everything up; all the while I explained to him the importance of rules, and cleaning up.  By the third day of playing with the box, Lucas no longer threw anything in the air, and when he was done playing he turned to me and said all done, and even wanted to help me clean up.  All in all quite the success!

I have more bins planned, and will be posting them as we play with them, along with our experiences.



[Recipe} Zucchini Fritters

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends, its a sunny but crisp one here.  The babe is napping, and the big guy is enjoying his Sunday afternoon football.  In honour of game days, I thought I would post a recipe for an alternative snack, one that's a little healthier; although healthy is usual not on anyone's mind when watching football.

These are supposed to be deep fried, but I pan fry them, and then finish them in the oven.  They are super easy to make, and a hit with the little man, which is great since its always nice to find creative ways to get more veggies in our little ones.

I used 5 medium sized zucchinis, and grated them ahead of time.  Leave them in a strainer with a sprinkle of salt, this will help rid the veggie of excess water that will make frying them harder.  Once you're ready to make them, add 1 egg, and half a cup of flour, and combine together, don't over mix.  Take about a tablespoon worth in your hand and make a patty, as if you were making hamburgers, and place gently in a heated pan of about half a cup of veggie oil.  Cook for about 40 seconds on each side, and place on a cooking sheet.  They will need about another 10 minutes in the oven.

I served these with dinner the other day, with a dabble of sour cream and chives.  The whole family loved them.  Enjoy!



Five on Friday

In honour of yesterday's Halloween festivities, here's a rundown of our day.

I dressed up Lucas in a hand me down monkey costume from his cousin, and although the pants fit fine a month ago, Lucas confirmed my suspicions that he just went through a growth spurt when there were no way the pants were getting on him.  My child will one day tower over his mother that I am sure of.  He looked absolutely adorable in the what did fit him, but it was a feat to get a good picture of him cause he couldn't stand still for a moment.

We went to the Halloween party at our play group, and it was a zoo, since yesterday it was for all ages.  There were so many people there, that at one point the coordinators had to stop letting people in.  Lucas always loves going to the group, and his favourite activity is always the musical toys or the balls.  Yesterday I was such a proud mommy when he figured out how to get the ball in the basket, and then that was all he wanted to do; until someone finally put some tunes on, then Lucas was the only kid just dancing up a storm in the middle of the circle, it was quite a sight.

Every year we go trick and treating with my little sister, and at first I thought she had outgrown us, as she had said she wanted to go with a friend this year.  I'm not going to lie, its the only tradition I have every loved about Halloween, and I was feeling a little sad that she didn't need me; so imagine how giddy I was when my mom asked if I could take her after all.  All order was restored in my world.  Lucas stayed with my parents, I still think he's too young to go out trick and treating, plus it was pouring here last night.  I'm pretty sure he and my parents were happy to spend time together if their smiles are any indication in this photo.

My parents live in a neighbourhood where the houses are very spaced out (think large lots) so its quite the work out trick and treating, but due to the rain, and very generous neighbours Gyselle made out pretty well last night!  Plus Lucas had his first taste of chocolate, you can't really tell from this picture but pretty sure he loved it.

After a long and full day, I passed out the moment I got home, and Lucas slept until well past 7am, so all in all it was a winner of a day!

Hope everyone stays nice and warm this weekend!