Five on Friday

It's been a pretty busy week around here. We have been taking advantage of the nice weather and spending lots of time outside, and running errands. Lucas and I have slowly moved into our warmer weather routine that always includes daily walks and at least three visits to the park a week, sometimes more when we make it out in the evening with Daddy. Here are some highlights of my week!


Lucas spent a few weeks in April waking up super cranky from his naps, it was instant crying and fussing and wouldn't stop until either Daddy got home or well until dinner time. Not even a snack would make him happy and those weeks were plagued with some awful weather so we couldn't even go outside to ride out the bad mood. I'm happy to say that we are over that little road bump. Kid has been super jovial and playful the moment I grab him from his crib. We have been enjoying some time in his room reading some stories or just being silly and it makes for a more relaxed progression into our family time evenings.   I mean this face says it all, someone woke up on the right side of the crib!!


Growing up summer always meant lots of time outside, playing with water, and summer treats!! My all time favourite guilty pleasure was orange creamsicles. This week while at the store I spied a box and my big pregnant self could not resist and they made their way home with me. Just as I was about to indulge in some after dinner sweetness I decided to offer some to Lucas to see if he would like it  (kid is not the hugest sweet lover so I wasn't sure how he would react). Well he took one lick and the rest is history, and gone was my sweet.  I have to say though its amazing how much a pleasure it was to watch him enjoy something that is such a staple of my own childhood, and rather than grab another one for myself I just sat there and watched him devour it!


Sometimes Lucas is just so easy to please!  We headed to the mall this week to grab some water essentials for a mini family getaway and they have those contraptions that all parents dread and which brings instant glee to all kids.  The small mall rides that usually entices tantrums galore when the word no passes any parents mouth.  Usually Lucas doesn't show much interest but this week he was so keen when he say a car one, but I sadly did not have any change, or bills to even make change (it was seriously not a ploy, I would have actually gladly let him ride on until his heart burst with glee), I calmly told him I didn't have change but let him sit on the ride anyway since there were no other waiting children.  Well to my own happiness he was happy just pretending to drive the car for a good ten minutes.  Mom win!!


Speaking of family getaway, we really have no means for an extravagant family vacation this year, with the new babe on the way, the hubby having a hard time getting time off since he's being transferred as foreman to a new job site next month (and needing all his precious time off for the new arrival anyway), added to all that we try to live on a very strict budget as a single income family so that we can always try to put as much in savings as we can.  So we decided that we will be spending the summer taking Lucas on several day trips to local attractions, with the exception of the beginning of June  We are off to Niagara Falls for three days where we are staying right on the falls and visiting the FallsView Water Park.  I cannot wait to see Lucas' face when we go to the water park, he's literally a bubble guppie during the summer, and visiting the splash pads are usually enough to bring him immense joy, this is going to totally blow his mind.


I have been suffering from some bad back muscle aches, and to add to that I pulled a muscle in my left arm getting Lucas into a shopping cart yesterday.  So to say that I am looking forward to an hour long prenatal massage my husband is sending me off to tomorrow is really putting it lightly.  I mean I seriously cannot contain my glee!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I will spending it with the handsome boys in my life, and speaking of handsome I leave you with this pic of the little guy.



Baby, You're a Firework!

Here's a few snaps from our long weekend.   We spent most of it outdoors whenever the sun was out!  Last year Lucas was too young to try and stay up for fireworks, but this year we tried to push back his bedtime as much as we could, he still didn't quite make it to the firework shows so on Sunday he enjoyed some my sister in law bought for his pleasure, and then on Monday after attempting unsuccessfully to stay for the local fireworks the hubby surprised him with some small ones at home.

His tiny little voice whispering wow whenever he saw the bright colours and lights shoot up was enough to make my heart melt in delight.  You forget how fascinating little things can be until you experience them again through the innocent eyes of your children.



23 Weeks - Baby #2

How far along - 23 weeks

Baby is the size of - a mango

Sleep - its was just ok this week.  Every night about an hour after I fall asleep until rough 3am I am up almost every hour and a half to pee, along with some hip pain it makes falling back asleep a little difficult.

Gender - Sweet little boy again!

Movement - Little man has been very active this week, and more and more of his kicks can be felt from the outside now, which I love.  I actually had Lucas feel the baby this week, he just kind of looked at me with this vague look like he had no clue what the big deal was.  I do love though that the baby seems to respond to his Lucas' voice a lot, and tends to give me his most prominent kicks when Lucas is talking.

Food Cravings/Aversions - Water, water, and more water.  Also loving on minute maid frozen juices, which is really unlike me, but I like this alternative to juice so I can add extra water and cut back on the super sweet taste, and overall sugar.  I had gestational diabetes with Lucas, and I am trying to be extra mindful of foods and drinks that could make it worse, since it is most likely that I will have diabetes again.  Still can't stand beef this week, so I stocked up on some extra chicken and pork meat to have at home, instead of red meat.

Symptoms - Same ligament and back pain as last week, but with some severe muscle pain on my right side.  I have a feeling I picked up Lucas in a wrong way and have tweaked my back in some way.  Its not a constant pain thank God, but when it comes its severely uncomfortable.  I have a prenatal massage this weekend that I'm looking forward to big time, and I'm hoping it will help ease some of this pain.  HEARTBURN!! Yup it has finally reared its ugly head in this pregnancy.  I suffered from some really bad heartburn and acid reflux with Lucas, and this time around its presenting itself much later, but it came with a vengeance.  I am popping tums like its candy, and pretty much everything I eat causes some degree of discomfort.  Not even milk seems to help, I avoided taking zantac or any other prescribed anti-acids the first time, so I'm hoping I can bear it again.  The old wives tale of heartburn being related to how much hair your child is born with actually rang true with Lucas who was born with a full head of the darkest hair, so I'm planning for another hairy child in my future lol.

Best moment this week - We had another epic family weekend.  It was a long weekend here in Canada, and we spent most of it outdoors between small bouts of showers, and Lucas got to see his first fireworks, which at first he was not too sure what to make of it, but last night the hubby surprised him with some in our backyard and he was much more interested.

What I miss - Still missing a little fruity alcohol drink or beer with some BBQ.  I may have to pinterest some mocktails for the summer to tie me over.



Five on Friday

This week has literally flown by in a flash.  Lucas and I have been busy and I'm sure that has helped pass the time.  Even though the weather was pretty crappy in these parts with rain pretty much every day we made the best of the situation and went out when we could and did crafts and puzzles to pass the time.  On to some highlights.


Boys and their trucks!  Lucas is a very typical boy in that he is obsessed with anything that has wheels.  I still can't believe that with another boy on the way my life and house will forever surround around cars and trucks.  This past weekend my in laws got this little four wheeler for Lucas for the summer, and to say he was excited to see it is putting it lightly.  He doesn't even wheel himself that much in it, he just likes to get in and out of it.  Love this pic of him with his new wheels.


Lucas' new favourite hang out is on my belly lately.  He is just so sweet as he lays between my legs and rests his head against his brother.  Its really endearing actually when he's excited about something and talking up a storm his little brother is already responding to his voice, cause its at moments like those that I feel the baby move the most.  Cannot wait for him to get here so the brotherly bonding can begin in earnest.


I have been really enjoying my morning coffee this week.  The brew of choice is Paradiso for Tassimo, I refuse to drink decaf so I limit myself to one regular coffee a day, sometimes a tea in the evening.  I love that Lucas is usually great at entertaining himself after his morning bottle, and I enjoy sitting on the couch or the floor with him, and sipping on some much missed caffeine. To add to the pleasure of enjoying coffee, and the morning shenanigans is this adorable insulated mug I gifted myself for Mother's Day!


I had the luxury this week of waking up at 7am on Wednesday, when Lucas decided to "sleep in" for a change, so I took advantage of his good mood and the rainy weather and we headed to the mall for the morning.  We always stop by bass pro shops to check out the fishes, and he was just so happy to see them that day, it helped that it wasn't busy there for a change.  We enjoyed doing some summer shopping, and then made a stop at Ikea for some lunch and play time.  After Tuesday had been a write off of a day with Lucas being a super crank pants, it was nice to have a good day right after and restore my faith in my mothering skills. :)


We capped off the great week with a family date night last night.  After a three hour nap we went out to dinner, and then some chapters fun where Lucas is pretty much obsessed with the train table there.  On the way home Lucas enjoyed his first cake pop and devoured it!  I don't think I have ever seen Lucas so quiet in the car before!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, for my fellow Canadians a much deserved long weekend.  I'm pretty excited to take Lucas to his first fireworks this weekend!



I am enough

Last Friday my sister and I saw the new movie Mom's Night Out, and while I laughed hysterically through most of the movie with so many of the mom shenanigans resonating with my daily life, it was the most poignant scenes that stayed with me long after I left the theater.  The protagonist is also a stay at home mom who is living out her dream job of raising her family, but somehow feels not only overwhelmed at times, but more importantly feels like she just isn't enough.   Not enough for her husband.  Not enough for her kids.  Not enough as a woman.  Not enough for HERSELF.

This is something I think most moms struggle with.  Finding that balance between the many roles in our lives, and in the meantime feeling that no matter what we are falling somehow short of the expectations.  When someone points out to the mom in the movie that she is not enough in her eyes only, and that God knew what he was doing when he made her the mom to her children, I was just moved to tears.  I was emotional for the clarity of the moment, for hearing the words that every mom needs to hear, for realizing that every insecure moment I have had in my journey through motherhood so far is of my own making and for letting myself be sucked into negative thoughts.  I question myself all the time, and although at times that is just part of the process of mothering, sometimes its destructive to my own self esteem.

I need to live up to this unspoken reality of what being a mother is, to fulfilling an itemized list that the universe has put out there for all mothers.  FALSE.

I need to realize that my child is happy, every smile and laugh that shines on his face is a product of the family home and environment I have fostered for him in the image that I have created.  TRUTH.

I need to be the perfect mother, wife, and woman; everyday no matter how hard that may be.  FALSE.

I need to be the mother my child needs, the wife my husband fell is love with and the one he falls in love with everyday (hopefully), and the woman that ends the day feeling like she conquered it all in her own mind.  TRUTH.

What we do as mothers every day is hard.  Its easy.  Its exhausting.  Its overwhelming.  Its IMPORTANT.  Its the most essential and important job in the world, and we are doing it for free.  We are molding the future generation, we are teaching children the concept of right and wrong, and to respect themselves.  We are showing them how to treat other people with kindness, and care.  We are taking care of defenseless beings, that rely on us for every basic need.  Our jobs never end, even as they sleep the night away in blissful dream land, we turn to the chores that didn't get done, we worry about them, they permeate my dreams.  Its a thankless job that I wouldn't exchange for any money in the world, and I will gladly continue to being paid in hugs and kisses, and the occasional flattery from my better half, who I know appreciates my everyday efforts.

I realize that if I have a better perception of myself than just maybe my sons will have a better appreciation of their own mother in consequence.

I need to continue living in the image of the type of mother that I want to be, and who I believe I already am.  There will always be another dish to clean, a house to organize, dinners to make; and through it all I am raising my family with love, laughter, and happiness.  As I kiss them all goodnight, and know that love has not faded, we laughed today, and we are all happy then I know that I did what I set out the day to do; and really that makes me enough.



22 Weeks - Baby #2

How far along - 22 weeks

Baby is the size of - a squash

Sleep - this was a bad week for sleep, between Lucas having some rough nights, super early mornings, and fussing for his naps I was one tired mommy, especially since I was literally running after the little man most of his waking hours.  You would think that being so tired I would sleep like a log when I could but I wasn't so lucky.  I scored some great naps this weekend and the hubby let me sleep in on Mother's Day!

Gender - Everything blue!  I actually bought a few items for the little babe this week.  Even though the bulk of everything will be hand me downs from Lucas, he deserves a few new items, plus I'm purging a lot of onesies that may be a little more worn out.

Movement - Same as last week, really active during the evenings, and occasionally during the day; however the kicks have been getting more and more pronounced.  Also I noticed this week that I never wake up in the middle of the night to kick and stabs, which was exactly the same case as Lucas.  Since overall Lucas has always been a great sleeper I'm hoping this bodes well for the new addition.

Food Cravings/Aversions - Still lots of water all day long.  Been loving on the carbs and fresh fruit this week.  Weirdest aversion this week was not being to enjoy beef.  Had it twice for dinner this week and both times it tasted off to me (the meat was perfectly fine as other people were also eating it, but for me it had an awful taste).

Symptoms - Nothing major this week, just some bad back and ligament pain, but I am doing a lot more walking then I did when I was pregnant with Lucas.  Also having to carry a 30 pound toddler at times during the day doesn't help the cause.  I suffered a lot from swollen ankles the first time around, and I had a little swelling this week but it was really warm this week and we spent two hours at the park one day.

Best moment this week - Mother's Day weekend was a really relaxed affair this year, and it was so nice to just spend time with my boys, the fact that Lucas started calling me Mommy occasionally is just a bonus.

What I miss - I had a huge craving for some raw sushi this week, and really really wished I could have satisfied it.

We are stuck in the house today with the rainy weather and trying to make the best of it, especially since an early morning storm woke Lucas up at 4:30.  Lord help me. on days like this I really wish I could drink more than one cup of coffee.



Five on Friday

Its been a long week for me and the little man.  We dealt with tantrums, poor sleep, and overall just sheer exhaustion.  I'm so glad the weekend is here for some upcoming pampering coming my way.


I have spoken before of my worries and constant anxiety over Lucas' language skills and overall development.  Earlier this week I had a huge mommy meltdown over it, I was overtaken with worry, and felt like I wasn't doing enough for Lucas, or that he was presenting serious delays in this department and knowing that boys develop later in this department was just not putting my fears to rest..  I turned to my mother in law who is the only one I know and trust who has raised a boy herself.  I'm so grateful for all her kind words about my mothering, and for putting what was really a hormonal outburst to rest.  I realized that I just need to enjoy watching Lucas grow, and realize that he understands so much more than he is able to communicate to me.  I was rewarded the next day though when we were getting ready for an outing to the park and as I grabbed Lucas' coat he turned to me and said "oh that's mine".  I really should learn to not have outbursts while pregnant and my hormones are at an ultimate high.


In my over zealousness at wanting to do as much as I can for Lucas' development I bought on Amazon at the encouragement of a fellow mommy blogger the Preschool Company Prep DVDs.  They teach letters, numbers, colours, shapes and words in a way that appeals to the developing mind. We started with the letters DVD.  Each letter is repeated often, and they become figures of words that start with that particular letter (example, the letter D becomes a dancer).  I had previewed the DVDs on youtube to see how interested he was in them before I made the investment, and he was mesmerized.  He even tried to repeat some of the words when we previewed the sight words' DVD.  We have been pretty busy this week and we have probably only viewed it twice, but so far we are huge fans.


I'm not one to complain about Lucas having a bad night of sleep since for the most part we have been really lucky in this department.  Since we slept trained Lucas at 5 months old, he has always slept through the night, even when he's been teething or sick.  One night this week he got tangled in his sheets in the middle of the night and it disrupted his sleep big time.  He was up from 2:30 until 5! He finally fell asleep in bed with me in a position that didn't really allow me to fall asleep with him.  Then the little bugger has the nerve to wake up and hour and half later and look at me as if nothing had happened.  He was all chatty and well pleased with himself.  Unfortunately nap time has been a bit of an issue lately too.  He fussed the other day for an hour in his crib so I was convinced that it meant no nap was going to happen, only for him to fall asleep in my arms five minutes later.  He knows just how to get his way!  Although I have been pretty tired this week as a result, I will cherish every moment he wants to sleep snuggled against me.


Note to self: don't go out in public when your toddler wakes up at 5am!  Thursday I had errands to run and I was anxious to get out for a bit since Lucas had woken up at the crack of dawn.  Why oh why did I think that was a good idea.  First I ran into Chapters to pick up an order, well Lucas was none too happy when he realized we were leaving, especially since he loves that place just as much as I do, so he threw himself on the floor,and I had to figure out how to carry my screaming toddler, pick up the box that had fallen out of my hands, and make it to the car in one piece all while 6 months pregnant.  Yeah it wasn't pretty.  I still ended up going to Costco (Yup I was that foolish).  Lucas ten minutes into the shopping figured out how to climb out of the cart and almost threw himself onto the floor.  So I bribed him with a snack and put hims standing inside the cart (yup mother of the year award).  It didn't last that long, and I was literally almost to the check out when Lucas decided to show his displeasure for how long I was taking by grabbing a package of cherry tomatoes and flinging them across the store floor.  We made it home in one piece (barely) and then as I was bringing in the groceries he kept closing the door on me.  I really wanted a glass of wine after that excursion but I settled for a sugary coffee, and let him blow off some steam in the backyard.  I love this kid to bits, but some days he really knows how to test my patience.


After all the ups and downs this week, I'm glad I made mommy plans with my sister tonight for some much deserved me time.  I told the hubby I wanted nothing this year for mother's day, just some time for myself.  So tonight my sister and I are going out to dinner and catching the new movie "Mom's Night Out", what could be more appropriate.  I'm sure we will spend more that 50% of the time talking about our kids, but it will be nice to have a meal with her without little hands grabbing at our arms requesting something from us.  Plus both my sister and I have been so busy and sick at different times this month that it will be nice to just get together and catch up.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas!



21 Weeks - Baby #2

How far along - 21 weeks (cannot believe I'm over half way there already!)

Baby is the size of - a carrot

Sleep - I've been sleeping ok at night, waking a few more times to pee now but thankfully I'm falling back asleep with ease.  Starting to have some joint pains at the hips and this sometimes makes getting comfortable at night a little difficult.

Gender - BOY! We decided this week on a name, and I'm super happy about it.  We actually have already caught ourselves referring to him now by name and it just makes visualizing him joining our family so much more real.  For now we have decided to keep the name to ourselves.

Movement - Pretty steady during the day, but I admit that I'm always running around doing things around the house, or chasing Lucas that I often don't really register movement unless I'm taking a minute to relax.  I'm guessing this is most likely the reason that I feel that the baby moves more in the evening when I'm just relaxing on the couch.  We had some pretty intense kicks this weekend, and the hubby got to feel it for the first time.  Its a little difficult since most of the kicks are felt lower above my bladder since he's sitting low like his brother did.

Food Cravings/Aversions - No real cravings, just lots and lots of water, I'm always thirsty it seems.  Biggest aversion is bacon, and any pork meat that may be on the fattier side, I had the same aversion my whole pregnancy with Lucas.  Also I find that something that might sound good in the morning is no longer appealing by the time dinner arrives.

Symptoms - A little bit of nausea in the morning, not to the point of being sick, just feeling a little unsettled.  Some major joint and ligament pain around the hips and legs, which is presenting itself a lot earlier this time.  I'm walking a lot more this time than I did while pregnant with Lucas, since then I was working at a desk, and now my coworker is an energetic toddler.  A migraine maybe once or twice a week, and the worse is that it springs on me swiftly and intensely, and I still haven't found anything that works to keeps them at bay, or at least ease some of the discomfort.

Best moment this week - By far the fact that Gianni got to feel the baby, but also just enjoying some much needed fresh air and playing outside for a change.

What I miss - Some fun fruity summer inspired drinks, this is so unusual for me since I'm not really that much of a drinker to begin with, but lately a little drink in the evening is missed.

No picture this week, have been too busy to look presentable in photos lol



A Spring Weekend

You know when you have those types of weekends that you never want to end (weekends for me are more sacred since it means more family time all three of us), well this past weekend was like that for me.  Despite a sprinkling of rain on Saturday afternoon we spent a lot of time outside, at the park, and Lucas playing with his first set of golf clubs (best $7 I ever spent at Walmart).

We ran some errands, hung out at Chapters, had a great family movie night on Saturday which included popcorn in bed!  Sunday Lucas woke up really really early after an awful night of sleep, and even though I was hoping for a good nap out of him because of it, I took the one hour he slept in stride, and we all just went outside and enjoyed extra time together.  We spent the morning at Ikea scoping out some new finds for a learning/craft corner I'm planning for Lucas' room, and the little man just loves to run around a muck in the children's area.  After a full weekend, we ordered Thai from a new place near our house, and it was easily the curry I have ever had.  The hubby and I capped off the night with a movie in bed, and snuggles before calling it a night.  I cannot wait for the weather to keep warming up, and spending more weekends like this all summer, playing in the backyard, hosting BBQS, and enjoying this time as a family of three (for now lol).

Someone wants to grow up and be just like his daddy!

Bought some cool children safe bath salts that colour the water.  I should have maybe mixed the yellow with another colour since this looks slightly like he's playing in pee!  But he loved it either way.  Bonus was having daddy join us for bath time, usually I take care of this part of his routine solo, but daddy decided to join us tonight!

Made his father so proud with how much he was into this golf set.  With another boy on the way they are close to forming their own foursome!

So excited to see the garlic we planted at the end of last season blooming.  Can't wait to plant the herbs next week, and the rest of the veggies after that!

This is what happy parenting looks like.



Five on Friday

I'm glad to say that Lucas is finally over his nasty cold from last week.  He's back to his usual exuberant self, and his appetite is back ten fold!  We have had a pretty quiet week around here since mother nature decided to rain on us all week keeping us indoors for the most part, but it helped me get some things around the house done that got neglected while we were sick, and rainy weather is seriously the best kind of weather for naps :)


Monday was the only sunny day we had all week, and after hibernating with sickness last week, both Lucas and I were raring to get out and play.  We hit the park pretty early in the morning and just ran around for hours.  Lucas is all boy when he's at the park, letting out his fearless little nature and always making the most of his time there.  On this particular day he was feeling more adventurous than usual and started climbing the ladder on the playground set.  He was so focused and I held him the entire time, and he was so happy when he got to the top; however I didn't let him attempt it again, there is only so much anxiety I can take while being pregnant!


I try everyday to incorporate a learning activity with Lucas, usually they may be letter work sheets, or shape sorting, or colour recognition.  Although there are certain things we do all the time, namely reading (we do a lot of reading in this house, I recently read a study that says only 20 minutes a day with your toddler is enough to make a difference in a child's language and cognitive development, well we easily spend double if not sometimes triple that time reading a day, spread out at different intervals), we also do puzzles, and play with animals (their names and sounds), every day.  These are usually "games" that I will include in Lucas' playtime, and I find that doing them more often, and for less time during the day is easier on his attention span than doing it for a larger block of time.  This week I added a colour matching activity to his usual playtime since he got this puzzle for Easter and is obsessed with it.  He first seemed more interested in just getting the pieces in the slot, but is slowly understanding that they need to be matched in colour, and I usually get a good 15 minutes of learning time with him on this, and even when he gets it wrong I take the time to repeat often the name of the two colours.  So happy Nonna put this is his basket!


I have a whole post planned for my nursery plan for baby #2, but we decided that we are going with dinosaurs this time around.  We did a pretty traditional sports theme for Lucas, although we will be switching it up with some Star Wars when we move him to a big boy bed this winter.  I'm keeping the wall colour and furniture neutral and plan to add pops of colour starting with these prints from Etsy as the inspiration.  I really want to have a feature on the walls, but still debating how crazy I want to go.


Mother's Day is just around the corner, and this year I told the hubby I don't want anything but a morning to myself.  I don't take time for myself that often.  Ok, let's me honest I don't take time for myself pretty much ever.  Its not that I don't have willing babysitters, or that my husband doesn't encourage me to go out and enjoy myself; I just have a hard time doing it.  I like to be there for my son, and letting go of the responsibility and carving me time is something I struggle with.  Being pregnant has made me evaluate the need to have me time every once in a while so this year I just want to go get a pedicure, have a coffee all on my lonesome, browse Chapters in the non kid section and feel free to sit and peruse a book I may want to purchase, maybe even go watch a matinee.  This will probably happen on the weekend after Mother's Day, cause on that day I want nothing else but to be with my little man, the person who gave me my most favourite job yet!


I leave you with this too cute for words picture of my little man, who I realized after this picture squints his eyes in photos EXACTLY like his father!  As if they weren't already more alike!

Have a great weekend everyone.