Friday Favourites

I've been absent from the blog this week because we've been busy bees around here.  You know when you have one of those days where everything just falls into place and you feel like you are kicking butt.  Well I've had a whole week like that and its felt amazing.  The last month or so I had been feeling very overwhelmed lately parenting two very young children one being a very spirited toddler and another a baby who is learning so much every day.  To top it all off I was floundering in every aspect, I felt like I was failing as a wife, the house had seen better days, and most times I was in survival mode.  So to have a week like this one has been the boost in confidence I really needed.
Here are some of my favourite moments.
These two playing and plotting adventures together is always a FAVOURITE and I'm so hopeful for their future relationship.

Lucas is perhaps the thirstiest kid I know.  He drinks a lot during the day, and this candid moment I caught of him this week is such a FAVE.  He actually opened the hose himself and proceeded to drink from it, and then offered some to his brother.

Oh the facial expressions that Marcus has started to grace us with, are perhaps my most FAVOURITE stage right now.  He's had such a big change this month in his personality and playfulness and his face just lights up when you play along with him.

I have always been anti sand table because I hate the aftermath mess that I have to deal with but I balked this week and in the spirit of just letting go more I got a small bag of play sand this week and let both boys just go to town discovering.  I'm so glad I did cause the two of them playing together in the sand table was one of my FAVOURITE moments this week.  Lucas is a huge fan of sand so I knew this activity was going to be right up his alley, but Marcus loved just as much.  He only tried to eat it twice which is a big plus!

He was so in love with the feeling of it on his hand and this ended up being a great sensory activity for him.

We had to get rid of our water table this summer because it had seen better days.  so I decided to buy the cheapest one that was more table than anything else so that I can use it for sensory tables during the winter, and honestly it was a huge FAVOURITE of the boys this week.  Sometime you just don't need the flashy slides and contraptions that come with every toy, and the simple things let the kids imaginations run more wild.  Marcus decided that he needed to transfer the water from the table to the pool and watching him to do it with the holed scoop was too hilarious, and Lucas well he kept drinking the water.

Speaking of drinking water Marcus finally learned to used a straw and sippy cup.  He has always shown a thirsty tendency like his brother but he was really having a difficult time grasping the concept of the cup.  In the last two weeks he's been eating fruit and yogurt from squeeze pouches and I think it was the little extra help he needed to figure everything out.  And now, well lets just say that sippy cup is his new FAVOURITE companion and these pictures of him figuring it out for the first time are my fave.

So many times I'm reminded that I'm raising boys who will one day be men, and I hope that they will be as helpful and responsible as their father is.  That being said they are always wanting to get involved when I'm doing chores around the house and I encourage it, because as far as I'm concerned they will grow up to be husbands who help and share responsibilities.  Also moments likes these are too cute not to be a FAVOURITE.

We decided on a whim this week to have dinner out as a family.  Dinner at a restaurant with two little ones is chaotic to say the least but manageable when you come prepared with distractions and time it properly so it ended up being a really nice mid week treat.  Also the lounging that this little one did while we waited for his food was too hilarious.  I guess I need to reinforce table manners.

Yesterday after running errands I decided on a whim to take the boys to the park and library.  It made this book loving mommy so proud when I asked Lucas what he wanted to do first and he chose the library.  To our delightful surprise they were having a puppet show and I couldn't believe that my rambunctious 2 year old actually sat through 10 minutes of the show, that's a record for him. 

FAVOURITE library moment.

In continuation of making this week fun and letting go I pulled out the ball pit Lucas got for Christmas, set it up on a blanket and put a pillow and the balls and let the boys just have fun.  I chose to ignore the smalls balls laying around the house all day.  This moment though here of Lucas peeking from the tent to watch T.V. is such a FAVOURITE.  I tell you this kids sometimes does not stop until he goes to bed so when I catch moments like this its just too cute for me to handle.

Also had cherries this week for the first time this summer and they were worth the wait.  I don't think this picture does justice to just how big and luscious they are.

I need my hot coffee every morning while the boys have their milks and bottles, but I found this at the store the other day and it is my FAVOURITE mid morning or nap time treat.  I add a little milk and I'm in heaven.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend.




  1. Your boys are so cute! And it's awesome to hear that you had a great week where you were kickin butt! I think that with two littles it's hard to have everything like it was before having the scond one. I know I've struggled since having our second (2 years ago!) and the house and meals and organization are just not the same. I've discovered that I've just had to change my expectations with two little ones. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment and encouraging words. And you're right I think changing my expectations has really helped me handle things so much better.